Livien Magnus was the capital city of the planet Ord Radama. During the Great Galactic War, the Sith Empire attacked Ord Radama and besieged Livien Magnus, which was held by the forces of the Galactic Republic. About a week into the siege, the Sith Lord Adraas arrived on Ord Radama and suggested to Darth Malgus, the leader of the Sith forces on the planet, that they send some battle droids to clear a path into Livien Magnus. Malgus agreed to Adraas' proposal and Adraas sent the droids to assault the city's southern gate, where they were quickly destroyed by the Republic defenders. However, the droids' failure provided a distraction that allowed the Sith Lord Darth Venemal and a team of commandos to enter Livien Magnus and blast a hole in the city's wall. Sith troops then surged into the city and Livien Magnus quickly fell to Malgus' forces.

A few weeks later, a Republic fleet attacked Malgus' ships in orbit of Ord Radama, in an attempt to drive the Sith from the planet. During the engagement, a stricken Sith Harrower-class Dreadnaught plummeted into the atmosphere of Ord Radama and crashed into the center of Ord Radama, destroying Livien Magnus and killing one hundred thousand of the city's residents. The Sith subsequently abandoned Ord Radama and the city New Raido replaced Livien Magnus as the world's capital.

By 2 BBY, Livien Magnus was rebuilt and Rialla Way was by then a major thoroughfare of the city. It was bombarded by Malau Jocaos in an attempt to turn Var Narek to the Imperial cause, with the bombing blamed on the Rebel Alliance.

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Livien Magnus was created by Daniel Wallace and featured in the 2012 publication Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side. Wallace intended the city to be a reference to the Livien League, a pre-Republic empire that was ruled by the warlord Xim.[1]


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