"Ah, my son and heir! I was hoping you'd be here for the festivities. We'll tell the musicians to strike up the old songs, the ones our spawn-fathers knew, and we'll do the lizard dance all around the courtyard—"
―A drunken Cradossk greets Bossk, who knocks Cradossk's wine goblet from his claws.[src]

Around 0 ABY, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Cradossk, the Trandoshan leader of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, mentioned the lizard dance when his son, Bossk, entered his chamber in the Guild's complex. Cradossk was celebrating Boba Fett's decision to join the Guild and was drunk on wine when he said that he and Bossk would do this dance around the courtyard.[1]

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The lizard dance was mentioned in a June 1998 novel The Mandalorian Armor, which was written by K. W. Jeter.


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