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Llanic was a planet in the Karthakk sector of the Outer Rim.


Located at the intersection of the Llanic Spice Run and the Triellus Trade Route, Llanic was perfectly situated to take advantage of the Outer Rim's smuggling traffic. Due to the high volume of spice and other illicit cargo passing through the system, Llanic was widely considered a shadowport.[2]

The planet's spaceports were frequented by starships from far away planets like Ryloth, Kessel, Mon Gazza, and Nar Shaddaa. Novice smugglers often got their start on Llanic. They could often find easy work, picking up short hauls at some of the planet's infamous cantinas.[2]


A battle occurred in orbit of Llanic during the Cold War. The Sith Empire constructed a secret space station, where was developed a new biological weapon, the Ziroxin-12. However the Republic discovered the Sith's plans and sent the Coruscant Aegis to spearhead assault on the station.[3]

Battle of the Llanic system

Llanic Station Strike.

During the Clone Wars, Llanic was the site of a battle as part of the Outer Rim Sieges. The Galactic Republic besieged Separatist holdings on the planet.[2]

Though a smuggler's haven, the Imperial Navy was known to patrol Llanic, often launching raids against known smuggling rings.[2] Moff Abran Balfour's Sector Group was also known to patrol the Llanic Spice Run from the nearby space station known as Spice Terminus.[4] Despite the Imperial presence around Llanic, many smugglers simply considered this fact an addition to the planet's intrigue.[2]



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