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"Yes, sir."

Llerd was a Human male serving the Dark Lord Naga Sadow's Sith invasion fleet in 5000 BBY as a lieutenant aboard the Sith dreadnaught Harbinger. He unhesitatingly accepted orders from his superiors and enjoyed watching his enemies die. During the Great Hyperspace War, when Harbinger was on a mission to acquire Lignan ore in the Phaegon system, it was ambushed by the Jedi Master Relin Druur. The ship attempted to enter hyperspace, but its hyperdrive and bridge had been heavily damaged, causing it to misjump and travel over 5,000 years into the future to 41.5 ABY.

Llerd was promoted to colonel by Harbinger's captain, the Sith Lord Saes Rrogon, and he oversaw both the reparations of the warship's instrumentation and the pursuit of an enemy freighter by Blade-class starfighters. When Rrogon discovered that Druur, who had traveled in time with them, had again boarded Harbinger, Llerd hunted for the Jedi from the warship's secondary bridge. He was killed when Druur used the dark side of the Force to destroy the dreadnaught.


Mission to Phaegon IIIEdit

"You are acting executive officer, Colonel Llerd."
―Saes Rrogon, promoting Llerd[src]

The Human male Llerd was a lieutenant on the bridge night-watch crew of the Sith dreadnaught Harbinger in the year 5000 BBY. The dreadnaught served in the Sith invasion fleet of Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow's Sith Empire, and in that year, the Empire was fighting the Great Hyperspace War against the Galactic Republic. Sadow dispatched Harbinger and its sister ship, Omen, to the Phaegon system to obtain Lignan, a rare ore powerful in the dark side of the Force, hoping to use the ore to bolster his forces at the upcoming Battle of Kirrek. Llerd was off-duty while the two warships bombarded the largest moon of the planet Phaegon III and exposed the Lignan beneath its crust.[1]

During the bombardment, Harbinger was boarded by the Republic-affiliated Jedi Master Relin Druur, who aimed to prevent the ship from delivering its Lignan cargo to the Sith fleet. The Jedi damaged Harbinger's hyperdrive with explosives, and his Padawan, Drev Hassin, crashed his Infiltrator starfighter into the warship's bridge seconds before it attempted to flee into hyperspace. The compounded damage caused Harbinger to misjump, failing to fully enter a hyperspace tunnel and traveling through time to the year 41.5 ABY.[1]

Away from the bridge, Saes Rrogon—one of Sadow's Sith Lords and the ship's captain—was able to use the Force to pull the ship back into realspace in an unfamiliar system, and he ordered all members of the bridge night-watch crew to the secondary bridge. Unaware of Harbinger's new temporal location, Llerd arrived at the bridge and, noticing that the ship's instrumentation was down, ordered a full stop. He alerted his crew when Rrogon arrived on the bridge, and he was promoted to colonel on the spot by the captain, replacing the former colonel who had died with the rest of the regular bridge crew. Llerd was also named the acting executive officer, and he was tasked with both overseeing repairs of the instrumentation and scanning surrounding space in an effort to determine their location.[1]

After further consideration, Rrogon instructed him to order security to perform a room-by-room sweep of the ship in a search for Druur. Llerd began his assigned repair work, and Harbinger's systems slowly came back online. When the scanners became operational, they revealed the presence of a nearby disk-like freighter and one of Harbinger's escape pods, and Llerd was ordered to fire on the freighter by Rrogon, who suspected that Druur was rendezvousing with other Jedi. Harbinger's weapons systems were still offline, however, and Llerd was consequently ordered to deploy two squadrons of Blade-class starfighters to attack the freighter.[1]

Destruction of HarbingerEdit

"Our pilots reported that ship destroyed."
"Yes, sir. It appears they were… incorrect."
"They were duped."
―Saes Rrogon and Llerd discuss Junker[src]

Saes Rrogon, Llerd's captain

The freighter, named Junker, fled into the rings of the system's gas giant, and Llerd relayed an order of Rrogon's to the Blade pilots to pursue. The ship's science droid, 8L6, then informed Rrogon of the time travel that had occurred, and, wanting his crew to remain ignorant and thus focused on their objective, Rrogon ordered Llerd not to monitor or scan any local subspace channels. Llerd was eager to see Junker destroyed, and when it jettisoned its cargo into an asteroid, the resulting explosion caused him to believe that the Blade starfighters had succeeded. Rrogon shared his belief and ordered the colonel to put Harbinger into orbit around the gas giant's frozen moon. Llerd was also told not to plot a course to Primus Goluud, where he believed Sadow's fleet would still be, should the hyperdrive be fixed. The captain then retreated to his quarters, content that the Jedi had been killed.[1]

Several hours later, however, Junker appeared in realspace beneath Harbinger and penetrated its deflector shields, entering the warship's landing bay. Cautious of potential explosives aboard the freighter, Llerd dispatched all available security to the bay and isolated the area. He then commed Rrogon, who sensed that Druur was aboard Junker and had infiltrated Harbinger. Llerd attempted to locate the Jedi but found only a trail of bodies. Rrogon commed him back and revealed that Druur was in the ship's cargo bay, and Llerd prepared to call security but was halted by the captain—Rrogon would face the Jedi alone. Llerd acquiesced and evacuated all personnel from the cargo bay. Rrogon then engaged Druur in a duel of lightsabers and Force powers, but he was killed by the Jedi, who, having fallen to the dark side, drew in power from the Lignan in the cargo bay and used the Force to consume the ship in flames, killing Llerd and everyone else on board.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Blades are entering the rings in pursuit."
―Llerd, eager to see Junker destroyed[src]

Llerd was a barrel-chested, round-faced man who served Naga Sadow's Sith fleet as a lieutenant. He was respectful to his superior officers and unhesitatingly accepted orders, even if they perplexed him or placed others' lives in danger. When he ordered Blade starfighters to pursue Junker, he was eager to see his quarry die, and his face became flush when he believed that they had been killed. While observing Saes Rrogon tap a bleeding finger against a jaw horn, Llerd watched his captain as if hypnotized but regained his composure when Rrogon began to speak.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Llerd was created by author Paul S. Kemp for his 2010 novel, Crosscurrent.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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