First Battle of TytheFirst Battle of VirujansiFirst Battle of Vontor
First Battle of Xa FelFirst Battle of Zonama SekotFirst Battle of the Lianna system
First Battle of the Pakuuni systemFirst Battle of the Sepan systemFirst Battle of the Soul Trees
First BladeFirst BloodFirst Blood-Law of Evona
First Blood (disambiguation)First Blood (short story)First Bodyguard
First BrigadeFirst ChairmanFirst Chairman/Legends
First Church of the Dark SideFirst CitizenFirst Citizen of Telos
First Conference of Free PeoplesFirst ContactFirst Coruscani Migration
First Coruscant Task ForceFirst CounselorFirst Dawn
First Days on TythonFirst Defense FleetFirst Duchess
First Duel in the Iron CitadelFirst Duel in the Jedi TempleFirst Edition
First Elthree Assault Team droidFirst EmpireFirst Expeditionary Fleet
First FleetFirst Galactic Alliance Chief of State election (44 ABY)First Grand Protector
First Grand Protector's ceremonial blasterFirst Great SchismFirst Guard
First HuntsmanFirst HusbandFirst Imperial Bank
First ImpressionsFirst Impressions (short story)First Interstellar Trust
First Jamaane WarmasterFirst Jedi Council's meeting caveFirst Jedi Purge
First Jedi TempleFirst JusticeFirst Knowledge Council Chamber
First Knowledge QuarterFirst LegionFirst Lieutenant
First Lieutenant/LegendsFirst LightFirst Light (freighter)
First Mantooine RegimentFirst MateFirst Mate/Legends
First Mate (Slith)First MinisterFirst Minister (Ando)
First Minister (Commenor)First Minister (Coruscant Ministry of Ingress)First Mission on Teth
First Mission to ByssFirst Mission to DantooineFirst Mission to Mustafar (Galactic Civil War)
First Mission to RalltiirFirst Mission to TelosFirst Naval Fleet
First OrderFirst Order: Enlist NowFirst Order All Terrain Armored Transport
First Order All Terrain Scout TransportFirst Order CargoFirst Order Cargo Antenna
First Order Conversion KitFirst Order Fleet TransportFirst Order High Command
First Order Light CruiserFirst Order NavyFirst Order SCUBA trooper
First Order Security BureauFirst Order Special ForcesFirst Order TIE Fighter Pilot
First Order TreadspeederFirst Order VillainsFirst Order army
First Order bomberFirst Order dropshipFirst Order fleet engineer
First Order insigniaFirst Order landing platformFirst Order military
First Order military uniformsFirst Order officerFirst Order probe droid
First Order speeder bikeFirst Order stormtrooper armorFirst Order stormtrooper executioner
First Order stormtrooper gunnerFirst Order tankerFirst Order walker pilot
First Order–Resistance warFirst OrganaFirst Organa Regiment
First PatriarchFirst Phlog crisisFirst Pii asteroid belt
First Pius Dea CrusadeFirst PlatoonFirst Queen Mother
First Queen of NabooFirst Quesh venom refineryFirst Recon
First Republic Medical Academy of CoruscantFirst Responder medpacFirst Ruling Family
First SecretaryFirst SenatorFirst Sergeant
First Sergeant/LegendsFirst Siege of Porus VidaFirst Sith Imperial Strikeforce
First Skirmish on CarlacFirst SpearFirst Steward
First Sun Mobile RegimentFirst Supreme ChancellorFirst Twilight
First WatchCircleFirst WaversFirst Wookiee Expeditionary Force
First abominationFirst aid specialistFirst attack on the Enforcer
First attack on the PeregrineFirst attack on the Son-tuul PrideFirst battle between Jedi and Sith
First battle of FeluciaFirst battle of Iridonia (Mandalorian Wars)First battle of Korriban
First battle of LeritorFirst battle of OssusFirst battle of Suurja
First battle of TarisFirst battle of TythonFirst battle of the Seswenna sector
First class droidFirst contact specialistFirst contact with Duinuogwuin
First cortexFirst diplomatic legateeFirst duel in Kesla Vein
First duel on unidentified desert moonFirst flightFirst mission to Coruscant
First mission to HargeevaFirst mission to Melida/DaanFirst mission to Obredaan
First mission to Raxus PrimeFirst mission to the Yinchorri systemFirst platoon
First raid on the Sith CitadelFirst skirmish at the Heart TreeFirst skirmish in Cuipernam
First skirmish in the Mesulan Remnants BeltFirst skirmish with the Eternal FleetFirst squad
First weapons officerFirstmotherFirstpilot
Firtee ClusterFirthaFirwirrung
Fische's CoveFische's LegacyFische's Pub
Fish (Human)Fish (thug)Fish cake
Fish motifFish oilFish patty
Fish stewFish stickFisher
Fisher (Carnelion IV)Fisher plantFisherman
FishingFishing/LegendsFishing Festival
Fishing poleFishlabs Entertainment GmbHFisk
Fisk CsinoFislanFislan system
Fismyle flushFisonnaFission Chamber
Fission bombFissolFissol's local contact
FissonaFissure DistrictFist
Fist (measurement)Fist of JusticeFist of the Empire
Fist of the Empire (group)Fists Of Ion: Memoirs Of A Champion ShockboxerFists of Ion
Fistula juiceFit Or FlatFitca Prime
Fitca systemFitchFitch (Ferroan)
Fitch (Human)FiteeFitness package
FitompFitomp systemFitre
FitsayFitzFitz Fan Club of Amander Public School
Fitz RoiFitzgibbon LaneFiula Blay
Fivaran OrganizationFiveFive's warship
Five-SevenFive-TacFive-blossom bread
Five-emFive-point defenseFive Brothers
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