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"Resistance is crumbling, sir. I would estimate a half rotation before it is over."
―TI-99 reports to Admiral Trench regarding the Christophsian resistance[1]

A local day[2] or local rotation[3] was a period of time. As a unit, local days were larger than divisions and fragments.[4] The galactic standard units of time measurement, such as the standard hour, the standard day, and the standard year, were based on the local time periods of the galactic capital,[2] the planet Coruscant. A Coruscant day was made up of 24 hours, and a Coruscant years was made up of 365 days.[5]

One year on the planet Hoth was 549 local days,[6] with one day consisting of 23 standard hours;[7] one Hoth year corresponded to 526 standard days.[5] The planet Mustafar had an orbital period of 412 local rotations, with one location consisting of 36 standard hours; one Mustafar year corresponded to 618 standard days.[8] The planet Jakku had a year with 315 local days,[7] where one local day was 26.8 standard hours;[9] one Jakku year was 352 standard days long.[6]

While one year on the planet Cato Neimoidia consisted of 278 local days, with one day consisting of 25 standard hours,[10] one year on the planet Dantooine consisted of 378 local days, with one day consisting of 25 standard hours.[11] The planets Neimoidia and Malastare both had local years that consisted of 221 local days, with each day making up 29 standard hours.[12][13] A year on the planet Onderon was made up of 405 local days, with one day consisting of 28 standard hours.[14] One Rodia year had 305 local days, with each day being made up of 29 standard hours.[15]

Having driven back a Galactic Republic task force during the Clone Wars' Battle of Christophsis between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Confederacy tactical droid TI-99 reported his estimate that the natives' resistance on the planet Christophsis would collapse within the span of half a rotation to his superior, Admiral Trench.[1] On the planet Vallt, one local day contained at least 18 divisions. On that planet, Assis was kept under a restraining bolt for more than 27 local days after being captured by Valltii soldiers.[4]



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