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Locus was a settlement on the planet of Nyriaan, that served as the world's capital.


Locus was divided up into a number of different zones that were each controlled by different factions. The largest zone was the Corporate City Sector, which was run by the Corporate Sector Authority and contained facilities for CSA operations and employees. The next largest sector was the Republic Sector, which was considered the most recognizable part of the city and changed hands a number of times throughout Nyriaan's history.

The Neutral Zone at the center of the city contained the planetary government and Nyriaan's only spaceport. The majority of Nyriaan's crime occurred inside the Neutral Zone, with Black Sun and the Hutt kajidics operating freely within the sector's confines.

Other sectors included the Hyperspace Navigator's Guild Sector and the Mining Guild Sector. In addition, there were four more sectors, including ones controlled by the Tapani nobility and native Nyriaanans.


Locus was constructed around the remains of the Locus, a survey vessel that crash-landed on Nyriaan in 87 BBY.

In 30 BBY, the Galactic Republic passed the Luire Accord in an attempt to resolve the tensions among the inhabitants of Nyriaan, and under the terms of the agreement, Locus was split up into a number of different sectors. It also became the site of a new planetary government, the Nyriaan Concord.

The Galactic Empire later replaced the Republic as the dominant galactic government and in 13 BBY, the Empire began construction of an ion shielding station just outside Locus.


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