"This is one of the longest and most arduous races in the galaxy. Don't bother with it unless you have the time and stamina. The Empire doesn't come here often, so it gets a lot of use from swoopers looking for an illegal race. The trouble is most of them do not complete the marathon. Beware of dangerous beasts, pirates, confusing mazes and a very large and active volcano."
―Unknown individual commenting on the race[src]

The Lok Marathon was an annual swoop racing competition held on the planet Lok. The race began just outside of Nym's Stronghold Cantina, and continued on through various obstacles, such as the Great Maze of Lok.

Race legsEdit

Lok Marathon map
  1. Corsair Flow
  2. Mosseru Run
  3. The Labyrinth
  4. The Old Great Wall
  5. Base of Mount Chaolt
  6. Mouth of the Beast
  7. East Rim
  8. South Rim
  9. West Rim
  10. Kedarin Highlands
  11. Spine Snake River
  12. Perlek Patch
  13. Nine Day Island
  14. Grendin River
  15. Smuggler's Bend
  16. Stronghold Boundary
  17. West Gate

Behind the scenesEdit

The Lok Marathon is the longest swoop race track in Star Wars Galaxies. It takes approximately 25 minutes on an average vehicle to complete the track.



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