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"I see you managed to pull Adi Gallia away from her pirate friends."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

The Lok Revenants were a group of pirates operating out of Lok in the Karthakk system before, during and after the Clone Wars. They were in effect the Lok planetary government. They were known as the Lok Resistance during their exile from Lok. The Revenants were led by the pirate captain Nym.

History[edit | edit source]

A pair of Lok Revenant Scurrg H-6 prototype bombers conducting a raid

The Lok Revenants were loyal to Nym, and aided the pirate captain on many raids against the Trade Federation. They defended Nym's Base on Lok from a large invasion force, and though eventually overwhelmed, the Revenants regrouped and continued the fight. The Federation was struck a big blow at the Invasion of Naboo, but still remained a sizable presence in the Karthakk system. For the next ten years, the Revenants waged war with the Federation.

It was not until Jedi Master Adi Gallia intervened that the tide began to turn. By now, the Revenants were joined by Sol Sixxa and the Mere Resistance, and launched an assault against the heavily defended factory world of Nod Kartha. They later participated in the battle over Geonosis, helping to defeat Captain Cavik Toth and his Hex fleet. Ultimately, Nym's forces recovered their base on Lok, and Nym remained in contact with Master Gallia.

With the establishment of Galactic Empire the Revenants chose to hide from its watchful eye on their home base at Lok, where no other organization has any influence. Most of the Revenants had some grudge against the Empire, and most of the group members wanted a chance to get back at the Empire any way they could. The Revenants preferred to attack Imperial vessels and convoys that came too close to their base, although other prey was not unheard of. One of these raids, located at the Maramere system, was directly responsible for the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 being separated from the Alderaanian royal family. They then took them in and shared some adventures with them until they ended up separated from them.[1]

The Revenants considered themselves neutral in the Galactic Civil War, having their own quarrel with the Empire, though they were still a supplier for the Rebel Alliance.

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