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A group of slicers operated on the planet Lok at the time of the Galactic Civil War. They were based in a building in the barren wilderness not far from Nym's Base.


Their house was filled with technology of all kinds, including computers, terminals, viewscreens and various droids. It was defended by several IG-106 sentry droids and all slicers were armed with small firearms.

In 1 ABY the members of this group included Kelson Sharphorn, Skaelor Tay and Byd Chillings, various Quality Assurance staff members and several slicer students. They belonged to different species, including Bith, Aqualish, Devaronians, Humans, a Bothan and an Ithorian. Nothing is known about their motives, goals or targets.

That year, the technology-hating Meatlumps had expanded to Lok, establishing a small Meatlump camp near Nym's Stronghold. They planted an explosive device in the slicers' house to destroy the building and the technology in it — most likely along with most of the slicers. A spacer who had infiltrated the Meatlump gang found the bomb in time and defused it.

In the same year, spacers attacked their house and killed Sharphorn, Tay and Chillings, along with several other members of the organization.

Behind the scenesEdit

This group and their house was added to Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies with the Meatlumps Theme Park in Chapter 10 in June 2008. In the basement of the house was a bomb that players had to defuse as part of a mission during the Meatlumps Theme Park.

To solve the mission, none of the NPCs present in the house needed to be attacked or killed, though it was likely that some of the NPCs would attack the players. The slicer NPCs were not part of any mission, but so-called "Chronicle Relics" could be looted from them. Such relics could be used by players in the Chronicle Quest system to create their own quests for other players. By using the relics related to the slicer NPCs, the quests would task the player with killing slicer sentries, slicer students or the named NPCs in the house. Star Wars Galaxies was shut down on December 15, 2011.


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