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"I don't really deserve that cold attitude. I got rid of your parents. Admit it, Wedge, who liberated you! Who made you a man? I did!"
―Loka to Wedge[src]

Loka Hask was a notorious Human male pirate who was responsible for the deaths of Wedge Antilles's parents. During the Galactic Civil War, he joined the Imperial Navy and used his resources—including his own Interdictor-class Star Destroyer, the Dominator—to hunt down Rogue Squadron.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Hask with the grafted limpet on his face.

Loka Hask was a student at the Imperial Academy on Carida, but apparently with little skill as a fighter pilot. Arrogance and being openly corrupt ended his days as a cadet. As he went back to his home, he found his criminal father executed. Using his deceased parent's hidden stash of credits, Hask funded a pirate gang that grew in power during the Galactic Civil War.

Seeking an end to his criminal empire, the Corellian Security Force created a force large enough to ambush Hask and other leaders in his gang. The survivors fled to a fuel station owned by Wedge Antilles' parents. In an unfortunate set of events, the ambush failed and both Jagged and Zena Antilles sacrificed their lives to save hundreds of innocent lives by piloting a severely damaged fueling module away from the larger space station before it exploded. Hask escaped the ill-fated ambush only to be followed by the young Wedge Antilles who took his revenge on Hask's flagship, Buzzzer. Hask escaped by using a vacsuit, but he did not escape unscarred. Inside the vacsuit was a Corellian limpet that permanently grafted onto the left side of his face, giving him a grotesque appearance.

After a few years, Hask was able to be reactivated as an Imperial officer. As the leader of the negotiating representative of the Empire on the world of Mrlsst for the Phantom Project cloaking device technology, He once again met Wedge Antilles and framed him for a crime. Antilles was later freed by the holographic image of Jedi Knight Taj Junak. Hask, angered by this, bombarded the Academy grounds of Mrlsst and raided a scientific laboratory on an asteroid nearby that contained the technology of the secret Gravitic polarization beam weapon. So as not to lose this information to the Empire, Rogue Squadron and the scientist decided to activate the weapon on the asteroid lab and destroy all information pertaining to it. Hask, who attempted to seize the weapon himself, was in its immediate vicinity when it activated. The weapon created a hyperspace wormhole that destroyed the base.

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