The Lol sector was a sector in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. Located within its boundaries were the planets Kendamar and Majilop, as well as the Lol system, home of the sentient Sumria species. The sector was one of five sectors in which the Tenloss Criminal Syndicate was active.


The Lol sector was a sector of space located in the south-west portion of the Outer Rim Territories. It neighbored the Merel sector on its rim-ward border, and, clockwise from there, bordered the Skine, Dail, Astal, Kiblini and Tolonda sectors. Between the Tolonda and Merel sectors, the Lol sector bordered part of Wild Space.[2]

Located within the Lol sector were the Bradden, Drexel, Kendamar, Lol, and Majilop systems.[2] The Bradden system contained the planet Dom-Bradden, homeworld of the Affytechans, a sentient vegetable species.[5] The Drexel system contained a single planet, a water world eponymously named Drexel. Drexel was orbited by Three Moons which were incorporated into oaths of the planet's Human inhabitants. These Humans were exiled to the world by Jedi Knights, and created a society built on floating structures. The Human immigrants shared the world with the native Sea-dragons, and some the of the Humans developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Sea-dragons.[9] The Lol system was also home a sentient species; the Sumrias.[4] The Kendamar system and Majilop systems both contained an inhabited world of the same name; Kendamar and Majilop, respectively. Both planets housed criminal organizations associated with the Tenloss Syndicate.[1]


The region was explored sometime between 1000 BBY and 25 BBY. Too distant, it was never part of the Galactic Republic.[8] The Lol sector eventually became a sector of the Galactic Empire.[2]

Kendamari Casinos

The Kendamari Casinos.

The planets Kendamar and Majilop both housed criminal groups affiliated with the Tenloss Syndicate. The Tenloss Syndicate was one of the largest non-Hutt criminal organizations in the Rim, having spread from the Bajic sector into not only the Lol, but also the Astal, Dail, and Skine sectors. In the Lol sector, its businesses included the Kendamari Casinos operating out of Kendamar, which provided a chain of gambling facilities throughout the sector, catering for upper-class clientèle. They also sponsored sporting events, such as annual sun-jammer races, drawing prospective gamblers from neighboring sectors. Despite Tenloss' independence, a number of the more prosperous casinos were rumored to be controlled by Hutt operatives. The planet Majilop was home to the Lucin Syndicate, a Tenloss-affiliate, and a major producer and distributor of illegal holoporn to the Rim.[1] The sector also saw frequent activity by the Ragnar Syndicate, a large bounty hunter syndicate originally founded in the Merel sector.[7]


The Sumrias were a sentient species from the planet Lol. The members of the Sumrian thought-caste had four digits on each hand; consequently, they developed a base-eight measurement system. This gave rise to the Df, a unit of measurement used to categorize artillery, which was one of three systems in wide use by the Imperial Military.[4]

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The Lol sector was first named in Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim, a West End Games roleplaying sourcebook published in 1993. However, the name Lol itself was first used in the Imperial Sourcebook published in 1989, in relation to the Lol system. Since that time, the term "Lol" has become known as an internet acronym meaning "laugh out loud."[10] The online companion to The Essential Atlas placed two new systems within the Lol sector. This incorporated events from the Marvel Comics Star Wars series of 1978, along with events from the Bantam Spectra's 1995 novel Children of the Jedi.

Other Star Wars canon had established the planet Drexel II. Jason Fry distinguished this from the planet Drexel seen in the Marvel comics by the creation of the Drexel Minor system, excluding those events from the coverage of this article.[11]



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