Lola Curich Starport was the main spaceport of the city of Lola Curich, on the planet, Lianna. It had the capability to serve over 2,000 ships.[1]


The starport could be divided into several main areas:

Military sectorEdit

This sector was relatively small compared to the other areas and could contain around 100 ships. During the reign of the Empire, five Santhe Blockade Buster, twelve Imperial Peacekeepers, sixty Incom T-40 Flitters and thirty TIE/LN starfighters were stationed there, separated from the regular fleet. These vessels were reserved for patrol purposes.[1]

Security was provided by Imperial Navy troopers, Stormtroopers and Liann military troopers, supported by Weapon detectors, Metal detectors and Magnetic pulse wipers.[1]

Passenger TerminalEdit

This was the most busy area of the spaceport, servicing over ten million beings over the year with three quarters of the spaceport's business related to this branch. Almost all large passenger shipping lines had offices here. The terminal itself had not the capabilities to handle large Passenger liners, transit shuttles brought the passengers there from orbit. Average prices are around fifteen percent higher than anywhere else but cheaper traveling possibilities were available as well.[1]

Security was tight here as well with security devices, guards and inspectors wearing plain clothes.[1]

Private Craft TerminalEdit

This area was reserved for luxurious pleasure craft registered on Lianna; access was only available with a validated Identichip. While the terminal was hard to enter, security inside was relatively lax.[1]

Commercial DocksEdit

This area had docking capabilities for around 500 medium and light Freighters. The docks were connected to the Port Trading Zone and the Starport Sector. Visitors had to register with the Portmaster's office before they could leave the starport.[1]

Portmaster's officeEdit

This was a three-story building adjacent to the main control tower. Bureaucrats handled the day-to-day business of the docking bays, including landing fees, customs inspections, departure time, supplies and licensing.[1]

Starport ProperEdit

Located throughout the whole starport were shops, garages and market spaces for spacers and traders. The most important businesses were:

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