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A fleet of various destroyers and cruisers served the Confederacy of Independent Systems Navy during the Clone Wars. It was used to defend the planet Lola Sayu during the Clone Wars, where a CIS prison, the Citadel, was located.



The fleet engages the rescue fleet sent by the Republic

The fleet was stationed over the world of Lola Sayu during the Clone Wars to defend the vital Jedi prison on the planet, the Citadel.

After the Capture of Even Piell, the Jedi Master was taken to the Citadel, along with his captain, Wilhuff Tarkin, because they each knew half of the important star route information that the CIS needed. The Jedi launched a rescue mission to the Citadel, and snuck by the blockade using captured and reprogrammed droids and a stolen Class Type B escort shuttle to sneak past the blockade.

After the team of Jedi and Clone troopers freed the Even Piell, he perished because of an attack of an Anooba. Then, a fleet of Venator-class Star Destroyers came out of hyperspace and engaged the Lola Sayu defense fleet in battle. A group of three Jedi Starfighters and one space gunship retrieved the team from the surface and made it back to the fleet, where Admiral Barton Coburn commenced a retreat to Coruscant.



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