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"He made a mistake, Lolo!"
"Which everyone seemed to forget, including you! I didn't. Did you honestly think he had the moral right to lead us after he betrayed us?"
―Padmé Amidala and Lolo Purs, on Onaconda Farr[src]

Lolo Purs was the female Rodian aide to Senator Onaconda Farr and the Representative of Rodia during the Clone Wars. She eventually turned on Farr, believing he was weak, and murdered him.


"He was weak. We needed someone with strength to stand against this war. I tried to scare him at the docks but he wouldn't go away, so I removed him. And when I heard Deechi knew about that meeting, he had to go too."
―Lolo Purs admits to her murders of Farr and Deechi[src]
Padme knocks lolo out

Padmé Amidala knocks Lolo Purs out.

Purs was a relatively young member of the Galactic Senate and a devout supporter of the Republic. This lead her to become the aide of Senator Onaconda Farr. Like Farr, Purs wanted to see a peaceful resolution to the devastating Clone Wars.[2]

However, she developed a grudge against her mentor for bringing the war to Rodia in his dealings with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Her actions culminated in her murder of Farr when she attempted to pin the blame on Senator Halle Burtoni. Senator Padmé Amidala, a close friend of Farr's, decided to investigate Farr's murder after believing the Coruscant Security Force was not doing a good enough job in finding the murderer. Amidala discovered that Mee Deechi had also been murdered, leading her to believe it was Halle Burtoni.

Amidala attempted to arrest Burtoni, but she discovered that it was, in fact, Lolo Purs, Farr's aide. Purs took Amidala hostage at gunpoint, but she was knocked unconscious by a punch from Amidala and arrested by the Coruscant Security Force.

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Purs was voiced by Jennifer Hale, who also portrayed Jedi Knight Aayla Secura and Senator Riyo Chuchi in The Clone Wars television series.



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