"There's a colony of living, eating sand all along the shoreline…"
―Tinian I'att describes the coastlines of Lomabu III[1]

The Lomabuans were a sentient species that were native to the ocean planet Lomabu III. The species constructed cities of steel and stone on the coastlines of the planet's archipelagoes. However, during the rule of the Galactic Empire in the galaxy, the Lomabuans were held to be seditious, and by 3 ABY Lomabu III was entirely depopulated. The ruins of the Lomabuan civilization slowly dissolved into the surrounding oceans.

Biology and appearance[]

The Lomabuans were a sentient species. Chenlambec, a Wookiee bounty hunter who visited their homeworld in 3 ABY, was unaware of what the Lomabuans looked like.[1]

Society and culture[]

The Lomabuans developed a civilization on the planet Lomabu III, constructing cities of stone and steel on the edge of the world's archipelagoes. The Lomabuans decorated the walls of those cities with filigree. By 3 ABY, those cities were partially submerged underneath an ocean, and green algae grew over many of the ruined structures.[1]


The Lomabuans were native to Lomabu III, one of six planets in the Lomabu system, and a world that was orbited by a single moon. The Lomabuan's homeworld was covered almost entirely by salt water oceans, apart from several long archipelagoes that breached the ocean's surface, tracing arcs where the planet's tectonic plates collided. Along the coastlines of those islands, which were covered in jungles[1] and swamps,[2] the Lomabuans established settlements. The species shared their homeworld with colonies of tiny creatures—each no larger than a grain of sand—that lived on the edge of the tidal zone and devoured anything with which they came into contact.[1]

Chenlambec visited Lomabu III.

Located in the Mid Rim's Aida sector,[3] the region of space surrounding the Lomabuan's homeworld was explored by the Galactic Republic between 20,000 BBY and 15,000 BBY. The Lomabuan's homeworld remained within Republic territory through many galactic conflicts, although during the Jedi Civil War, it was just outside the farthest extent of Darth Revan's Sith Empire, and during the Clone Wars, it bordered the expanse of Hutt Space.[4]

In 19 BBY, the Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire.[4] By 3 ABY, the Lomabuans were considered seditious by the Empire; the Lomabuan cities were ruined and the entire population forcibly depopulated from Lomabu III. That year, their homeworld was used as the location of a penal colony for Wookiees by the Imperial governor of the Aida sector, Io Desnand. The Wookiees were freed by the bounty hunter Chenlambec, who, while on Lomabu III, wondered whether the Lomabuans were enslaved somewhere or were all dead and speculated that within decades, the oceans would have eroded all trace of the Lomabuan civilization.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kathy Tyers created the Lomabuans for her short story The Prize Pelt: The Tale of Bossk, which was published in Bantam Spectra's Tales of the Bounty Hunters anthology in 1996. They later received a mention in the Star Wars Encyclopedia, in 1998.



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