Lon Secura was Aayla Secura's uncle, Pol Secura's brother and Nat Secura's father. He was also the Clan Chief of the influential Clan Secura following Pol's death.



Lon Secura with Kh'aris Fenn

After his brother died, who was in the Twi'lek Clan Council, Secura tried to trace the Twi'lek Ro Fenn. Following the Twi'lek traditions, Fenn was to walk the Bright Lands, but Fenn hid himself very well. The exiled Twi'lek Kh'aris Fenn came back to Ryloth and demanded that he would become the new ruler of Ryloth. To emphasize this he let two Morgukai kidnap Lon's son, and heir of the Securas, Nat. Lon considered his surrender to Kh'aris in love for his son, but then a Devaronian called Vilmarh Grahrk entered his estate in name of the Jedi Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos. He told Lon to do nothing until he heard from the Jedi. After one day, his son was returned safely. The Jedi succeeded.



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