"There's law, and there's justice, and sometimes they're not the same thing."
―Lon Shevu[src]

Lon Shevu was a Human male GAG trooper and officer in the Galactic Alliance Guard during the Second Galactic Civil War. Prior to his service with GAG, Shevu was a police officer of the Coruscant Security Force. During that time, he attained the rank of captain in charge of the CSF's Anti-Terrorism Unit, stationed at the Galactic City Strategic Center. A resident of Coruscant, he was dedicated to his work as a policeman, and as a captain, was known to be a hands-on commanding officer. He took a by-the-book approach to police work, preferring to follow and enforce the law than to engage in moral discussions of right and wrong. Shevu lived with his longtime girlfriend, Shula Pakasj, in an unassuming apartment on his homeworld.

During an attack on The Elite hotel in 40 ABY, Shevu was the incident commander, coordinating the response and providing information to the Galactic Alliance government. During the incident, he caught the attention of Jedi Jacen Solo who was impressed with Shevu's abilities. Afterward, Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas formed an anti-terror and secret police service, the Galactic Alliance Guard and placed a newly promoted Colonel Jacen Solo in charge. Solo requested Shevu be transferred to him and Omas ordered Shevu, along with several members of the CSF Anti-Terrorism Unit vouched for by Shevu, seconded to the new GAG.

Though enthusiastic about his new responsibilities as second in charge of the GAG, Shevu was known for his dislike of certain of Solo's actions, particularly having a young Ben Skywalker involved in police and military activities and in how Solo conducted violent interrogations. Shevu continued with his duties however, maintaining his stance to follow the law and also became close friends with Ben Skywalker, teaching him police methods and helping him deal with the losses of a soldier. When Ben requested Shevu's assistance in investigating the death of his mother, Mara Jade Skywalker, Shevu agreed and utilizing CSF resources had evidence collected and analyzed. With their investigation finding that Jacen Solo had indeed been Mara Jade's murderer, together with Solo's revelation that he was now a Sith Lord carrying the name of Darth Caedus, Shevu concluded he could no longer follow Solo.

Shevu then began to actively spy on Caedus, joining the Jedi Order's Coalition that had formed to take down him down. However, Shevu was found out and captured together with Ben by Caedus' Sith apprentice, Tahiri Veila. During the interrogation, Veila tortured Shevu to attempt to persuade Ben to reveal the location of the Jedi. However, during the process she accidentally killed Shevu. Ben managed to escape with Shevu's body and made arrangements to have it sent to Shula, who Shevu had married and sent to her parents on Vaklin for her own protection. However, Shevu was still able to be an influence as his death caused Veila to realize the monsters she and Jacen Solo had become. Also, his training and guidance to Ben would be with the young Jedi for years to come and would be of a help to him in the future.


Coruscant police officerEdit

"I don’t guess about anything, sir. We’re working with hard information that’s coming in from Tactical and Operational, and where there are gaps, they stay as gaps until we have data."
―Shevu reporting on The Elite hotel bombing[src]

Lon Shevu was born around 12 ABY[2] and lived in an apartment in the Port Quarter of the planet Coruscant together with his longtime girlfriend, Shula Pakasj. He became a police officer with the Coruscant Security Force (CSF), beginning by working patrol. During that time, his girlfriend gave him a golden necklace which he would always wear on patrol and throughout the rest of his career. Shevu became very familiar with the investigative techniques utilized by the CSF detectives and worked his way up eventually becoming promoted to the rank of captain prior to turning twenty-eight, a relatively young age for such a position though he looked older to others.[1] As a commanding officer, Shevu gained the trust of his men and maintained a very hands on approach to leadership. He was also known as a rather old-school, by-the-book cop, preferring to conduct operations and investigations according to the letter of the law instead of his personal feelings or morality. Shevu was placed in charge of the CSF's Anti-Terrorism Unit and was stationed out of the Galactic City Strategic Center.[4]

Coruscant SWCT

Shevu served as a captain with the police force on Coruscant.

In 40 ABY, tensions that had been mounting between the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and the planet Corellia, erupted resulting in a blockade of Corellia. In an effort to strike back, terrorists set of a bomb in a hotel called The Elite. The explosion caused transparisteel to shatter with fierce sharpness, destroying the skylanes and sending speeders to fall thousands of meters. The concentrated shock waves resulted in instant turmoil and the area around the blast suffered instant damage and traffic gridlock.[4] Shevu and his Anti-Terrorism officers were the first to respond to the incident.[6] From there, Shevu arrived at the Strategic Center to take charge as incident commander and to coordinate the response efforts between the CSF, the Coruscant Fire and Rescue, Galactic City Air Traffic Control, various medcenter managers, and members of the Galactic City Authority. The CSF's special Tactical and Operational team began sifting through the debris relaying information back to Shevu including the first causality count of one hundred and five dead and rising with over three hundred injured.[4]

Also present at the Strategic Center was Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas who was quickly joined by Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker, and Jedi Knight Jacen Solo. The four discussed with Shevu the political implications of the blast. Shevu, as a cop, refused to confirm that the blast had actually been a terrorist attack by Corellians until the investigation was concluded, however, he informed the group that Coruscanti Immigration Service reported nearly twenty million Corellians living on Coruscant. Though the group disagreed over the threat posed by the Corellian residents, it was evident to them that the explosion which ultimately resulted in six hundred and thirty-four deaths and hundreds more wounded, could be the beginning of all out war, as well as further incidents against Coruscant itself. Shevu remained at the Strategic Center until hours after his shift had already ended, coordinating response and investigation operations.[4]

Tensions on Coruscant meanwhile continued to escalate. The next day, the Corellian Sanctuary was vandalized by Coruscanti angered over the bombing. In turn, Coruscant's water supply was contaminated by Fex-M3 by Corellian militants though it affected areas of Coruscant that also included the Corellian Quarter. In turn, angry Coruscanti formed a large crowd in front of the Corellian Embassy and a riot erupted between them and the dozen Corellians standing in front of the embassy. In response, the CSF fired dispersal gas and waded into the crowd with riot batons to attempt to regain control, the Galactic City Authority later issued a full terror alert, and the CSF doubled their police presence on the street. Additionally, Chief of State Cal Omas and the chair of the Security and Intelligence Council, G'vli G'Sil, held a meeting with Jacen Solo. At first Omas offered Solo command of the CSF Anti-Terrorist Unit but Solo declined and instead suggested forming a new security force, separate from the CSF. Having noticed Shevu's dedication and honesty, Solo requested that Shevu and a team handpicked by him of CSF officers from the Anti-Terrorist Unit as well as a special forces squad be transferred to his command. Omas and G'sil agreed, promoting Solo to colonel, and Shevu was seconded to the new Galactic Alliance Guard (GAG).[4]

Under Solo's commandEdit

"We have rules and until the Senate tells me those rules have changed, I live by them."
―Lon Shevu arguing with Heol Girdun over interrogation techniques[src]

The GAG was formed quickly with Shevu and several members of the CSF's Anti-Terrorist Unit along with GAG troopers from the 967 Commando Unit. Additionally, the Security Council authorized the GAG to carry out the internment of Corellians who were a threat to Coruscant. Solo decided that the first operation would be in Jabi Town in the Corellian district of Galactic City. Together with Shevu he organized the raid and brought his Jedi apprentice, Ben Skywalker with him. The CSF blocked off several skylane intersections with CSF Traffic Division repulsorlift ships before the beginning the operation. Solo ordered that no shot be fired unless fired on. Shevu suggested to him that the ordered be amended to say unless there was a perceived threat. Solo acknowledged the advice and issued the change, bringing some good will from the troops. After the signal was given, the GAG entered several residents, led by Solo, and they began the internment process of Corellians. Several persons were arrested and explosives were seized. Towards the end, Shevu reported to Solo that they still had to process over fifteen hundred persons, but that the resistances had already been dealt with.[4]

GAG raid

Shevu led several GAG raids on Coruscant.

After the raid, Shevu, having developed a pleasant affectionate for Ben, sat with him and several sergeants at a table in the Galactic Alliance Guard Headquarters to discuss the raid and watch the news. It was the beginning of a strong friendship between the two. The GAG continued their raids and anti-terror operations. In the Adur quarter they were able to seize explosives and blasters and place thirteen people under arrest. Late one night, Solo, Ben, and Shevu conducted a raid on a building in Coruscant's lower levels in hopes of arresting four individuals named Cotin, Abadaner, Bolf, and a female called Ailyn Habuur who, unknown to them, was a bounty hunter called Ailyn Vel. Shevu was in charge of the operations together with Ben while Solo covered the rear of the apartment building with two other squads. Shevu used a loudspeaker asking the suspects to surrender. However they fired at the GAG troopers who fired back. Shevu, annoyed that the CSF hadn't cleared the entire building first, ordered that no projectiles be used, only blasters. He gave the go ahead for the squads to enter the building from the top and had Sergeant Wirut send a flash-bang grenade through the window where the suspects were at. The squads stormed the apartment, killing two of the suspects but not finding the others. Shevu kept Ben close as they searched the rest of the building. They were able to locate the other two and arrest them. Solo later left Coruscant for the Alliance fleet over Corellia, leaving Ben under Shevu's care.[4]

Later, Shevu got into a heated debate with Captain Heol Girdun, a former officer of the New Republic Intelligence Service, on how to interrogate Ailyn Habuur. Girdun wanted to use the methods utilized by the intelligence service but Shevu insisted that the rules established by the Senate for police still held. Girdun stalked off and Shevu and Ben went in to question Habuur. Shevu remained calm but firm during questioning attempting to find out why Habuur was on Coruscant and what her association was with a Mirta Gev who continually attempted to call Habuur. Shevu was able to pick up on the subtleties of Habuur's reactions and Habuur finally relented that she hired Gev to find her mother's necklace. Shevu then decided to attempt to intercept Mirta Gev when she arrived on Coruscant and asked Ben to find Girdun to come watch Habuur. When Ben asked Shevu if he was comfortable with leaving Habuur with Girdun, Shevu at first hesitated but remained confident that Habuur would not cross him, explaining that Girdun was used to different rules then those governing the police. Ben found Girdun and delivered Shevu's message, in the processes seeing Barit Saiy, a young Corellian he had informed on to Solo, among the prisoners Girdun was watching.[4]

However, a week later, Solo returned from Corellia and found that even though Girdun had used the brutal methods Shevu had refused, he not been able to glean any information from Habuur. Solo decided to interrogate Habuur personally, taking Ben with him. Solo used the Force to slam Habuur down on the table, to which Ben objected causing Solo to send him outside. Solo continued to interrogate and torture Habuur using the Force for several hours with Ben hearing her screams and the thudding outside of the cell. At that point Shevu and Girdun arrived and Ben told Shevu what was occurring. Shevu decided to not let it continue and telling Girdun they had to stop the interrogation or else Habuur could die. Though Girdun was hesitant, stating this was the same methods he had used in the intelligence service, Shevu lost his cool declaring that he could not let this continue on his watch. Girdun consented and Shevu overrode the lock. Both officers pushed their way into the room and Shevu, seeing Habuur's condition yelled for a medic. Solo attempted to snap at Shevu to get out, but both he and Girdun continued with their efforts to revive Habuur before they consented that she was dead. Shevu, furious, confronted Solo about his actions appearing to have no regard for Solo's power. Though Solo attempted to defend himself, Shevu insisted he had to report the prisoner's death with Solo reacting dismissive of the situation. Girdun offered to continue with his methods on the other prisoner with Shevu rounding on him to object. Solo ignored Shevu and ordered Girdun to go ahead and Ben felt Shevu's outrage.[4]

Befriending Ben SkywalkerEdit

"He’s a kid. He’s a boy."
―Shevu arguing with Jacen Solo about Ben Skywalker[src]

Later, Ben asked for Shevu's assistance in locating Barit Saiy after not finding him among the prisoners. Shevu consulted the GAG records but could not locate Saiy. He also looked to see if Saiy had been transferred to the CSF's custody but found not record. Though equally concerned as Ben was over a disappeared prisoner, Shevu cautioned Ben to not become personally and emotionally involved and to instead do things by the book. When Ben pointed out that Solo did not follow the rules, Shevu responded that Solo was his commanding officer. Ben acknowledged it was Shevu's way of saying he would not give an opinion on Solo's actions, but he was able to feel through the Force how angry Shevu was over Solo killing Habuur. Ben left to practice his lightsaber techniques before Solo called him, stating that the CSF reported they had a running battle occurring between Atzerri and Coruscanti in the lower levels as well as ten bomb threats. Using the maps of Galactic City, Ben was able to locate an approximate area of a serious threat.[4]


Shevu became close friends with Ben Skywalker.

Ben and Solo met Shevu at the landing pad next to the new GAG ships–CSF assault ships painted black–to head for quadrant H-90 to locate the threat. Shevu reported that the area was not secure and that the CSF had requested assistance from the GAG before they moved in. He stated that the incident had begun when CSF officers had arrested someone for spray painting anti-government slogans on a Galactic City Authority building and the uproar had caused a riot squad to be deployed to deal with the unruly protesters. Upon their arrival they were briefed by a CSF sergeant who said they had received a tip off that weapons were being horded but they didn't want to risk a full scale riot by going in to search. Solo offered to go in but placed the decision with Ben who was hesitant. Shevu remained supportive stating he would follow Ben in who, using the Force, was able to locate the threat inside a restaurant. Ordering them to go in, Ben led the way and the troops landed securing the entrance.[4]

Shevu accompanied Ben inside to the kitchen, covering the young Jedi with his blaster. Admonishing him that he needed to use an earpiece, Shevu used hand signals to instruct Ben on how to open the door to the freezer where they found over a dozen shoulder missile launchers. Ben then felt the threatening presence of two individuals and he and Shevu went up to the next floor. They entered the room and Ben killed both men, even though one was not armed, sending Ben into a state of shock. Shevu, seeing Ben severely upset, argued with Solo over having such a young boy involved in police work and killing people, saying that this was too much for a boy to deal with. However Solo responded that Ben was a Jedi and learned to handle a lightsaber at a very young age. Solo then reminded Ben it had been his choice to go in and Ben had to learn to live with the consequences of his actions.[4]

Later, Shevu attempted to locate Habuur's body so that he could file his report on her in custody death. He became increasingly upset as all records related to her had disappeared. Ben approached him, asking him if he knew where Solo was. Frustrated, Shevu replied that Solo came and went as he pleased. Though he apologized he for being snappish, he continued his search confirming with Ben that Habuur's body had disappeared as well. Shevu had received information from his colleagues at the CSF that questions had been raised about Habuur and he asked Ben if he knew who she had been. Ben stated that he did not and sensed that Shevu now seriously disliked Solo, not just his methods. Seeing that Ben was overwhelmed, Shevu sent the boy home telling him he would let him know if Solo returned.[4]

Mission off CoruscantEdit

With the crisis between the Galactic Alliance and Corellia erupting into all-out war,[4] Shevu continued as Solo's second in command in supervising raids on Coruscant with Solo taking more and more leave from his duties as commander of the Guard to deal with political issues,[7] feeling that Shevu was utterly reliable.[8] Though Shevu maintained an outward appearance of loyalty towards Solo, his frustration with Solo's methods were well known to senior domestic security staff such as Gefal Keb in the Department of Public Protection and were shared by Shevu's fellow GAG troopers who were formerly from the CSF and the CSF itself. Shevu took his dislike of Solo and put it into his work by staying away from his commander and working missions with his troops such as surveillance on a weapons drop off location with Sergeant Wriut. Though Solo sensed that Shevu was not as enthusiastic about his duties as he had been to begin with several week earlier prior to the start of the war, he dismissed it since Shevu appeared to be a dedicated and hands-on commanding officer.[1]

Several months into the war, Shevu was at a briefing with Ben at the GAG headquarters when Solo announced that the GAG would begin to focus on professional spies of the Corellian-Confederation government. Additionally, he informed the troopers that they would take over the protection details of the Chief of State and key ministers, a duty previously held by the CSF. Ben could sense the reluctance and misgivings held by Shevu and the other former CSF officers in the room. When Solo announced that they would also be tracking and monitoring senators, Shevu, though showing a calm and blank face, asked if they were even allowed to do so. Solo stated that they were and Shevu remained outwardly blank yet Ben could sense his sharp unhappiness with the situation. After the meeting, Solo pulled Ben aside, requesting him to assassinate the Confederation leader, Dur Gejjen. Ben was hesitant but agreed and Solo also ordered Shevu and Corporal–shortly thereafter LieutenantJori Lekauf to accompany him.

Months after the Confederation war began, Shevu was ordered to bring Ben to Vulpter. Gejjen had been behind the plot to kill pro-Galactic Alliance Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka, as well as found in negotiations with Chief of State Cal Omas. After Ben completed the job, Shevu attempted to sacrifice himself to look as if a crazed spacer killed the Prime Minister instead of the GAG, though Jori Lekauf disobeyed his orders and sacrificed himself, causing Ben and Shevu grief.[1]

After telling Lekauf's family of what happened, Shevu allowed Ben to stay at his home with him and Shula, though the stay was brief.[1] Sometime later Shevu had heard rumors of Bothans trying to smuggle a proton bomb onto Coruscant.[9]

Double agentEdit


Shevu spied on Caedus for the Jedi

"Whatever it takes, and I'll stay on the inside as long as I possibly can. And he likes to have me around, even on the Anakin Solo."
―Lon Shevu, agreeing to spy on Jacen Solo[src]

When approached by Ben to investigate Jacen Solo, now secretly Darth Caedus, together, he told Ben he had already begun and explained the absence of Shula to keep her safe if he were to be found out by Caedus or the GAG. Personally, he would have preferred the justice of Boba Fett on Caedus, but was willing to settle for the GA's and the Jedi Council's. Shevu also became a double agent, and was an informant for the Jedi. While trying to investigate Caedus' StealthX, he had to stall Girdun so the job could be done.[5]

Using a CSF Forensics droid, Shevu and Ben were able to investigate Caedus's StealthX and discovered one twenty-nine centimeter long hair of Mara's, with a tag and blood on it, confirmed by comparison with one of Mara's hairs that Luke Skywalker still had in his possession. Later, this evidence was corroborated by Caedus's confession to Shevu that he had brawled with and eventually killed Mara Jade Skywalker. Ben's recordings of the scene of the murder, the physical evidence, and a recording of Caedus's confession were all presented by Ben on Endor to his father, Han and Leia Organa Solo, and Jaina Solo.[5]


Weeks after the Second Battle of Fondor, Shevu met with Ben on Coruscant and informed him that Caedus's fleet was moving to Roche. During the meeting, Shevu was captured by Caedus's Sith apprentice, Tahiri Veila and the GAG. Though his wounds were minimal, he was not treated and his pain was meant to force Ben to reveal the location of the Jedi base. When Ben refused to cooperate, Tahiri Veila unleashed Force lightning on Shevu, accidentally killing him. Shevu's last act was to order Ben not to reveal the location of the base, and to stay quiet. The medics tried to resuscitate him but had no success. When Ben escaped from GAG custody, he arranged for Shevu's body to be sent to Shula. Shevu was instrumental in the redemption of Tahiri Veila, for his death sowed doubt in her actions and role as a Sith.

Personality and traitsEdit

"You trust Shevu?"
"Yes. There's a such thing as Force certainty, and I have it in that young man."
―Admiral Cha Niathal, and Luke Skywalker[src]

Shevu, an honest man, was known for not shying away from the dirty work in battle. He would express fine leadership abilities during the first GAG missions, and would use his past police experience to keep GAG casualties to a minimum.[4] As a former CSF officer, Shevu did understand the consequences of losing a friend in battle, but also understood how one should make a mission the highest priority.[1]

Though he was very loyal to the Galactic Alliance at the beginning of the Second Galactic Civil War,[4] he would become a spy for Cha Niathal before the Second Battle of Fondor because of his extreme dislike for Jacen.[5] He disliked Jacen for putting Ben on the front lines of war, and how he treated Ben as an adult, though he was only a kid and felt that he shouldn't have been in the GAG at the age of 14.[4] Shevu would often try to protect him during GAG missions, going as far as to be the one who would sacrifice his life if Dur Gejjen's assassination was botched, though Jori Lekauf took that responsibility with his life.[1] However, this would ultimately lead to his death, as Tahiri exploited this and killed him to try to convince Ben to reveal Shedu Maad's location.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Shevu was created by author Karen Traviss in the Legacy of the Force novel Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines, and was expanded into a major character throughout the series before being killed off by author Troy Denning in the last novel of the series, Legacy of the Force: Invincible.



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