"My mom definitely didn't die in a ditch on a dead-end forest world we only went to because she was so idealistic."
―Chelli Aphra[src]

Lona Aphra[3] was a female human and the mother of Chelli Aphra. She gave birth to her daughter[4] in 24 BBY.[5] Lona split with Chelli's father Korin Aphra, taking Chelli to live on Arbiflux until raiders attacked their home. Lona was shot and crawled into the forest as Chelli ran, but the girl returned with a blaster[2] found in a cave,[4] and fired back at the raiders until Imperial scout troopers surrounded her.[2]

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Notes and references

  1. Doctor Aphra 32 shows that the Galactic Empire existed when Lona Aphra left the Second Moon of Thrinittik with her daughter. Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates the formation of the Empire to 19 BBY, meaning that Lona Aphra moved to Arbiflux some time after that year. According to Doctor Aphra 32, Lona Aphra lived on Arbiflux for two years before her death, therefore she died at some time during or after 17 BBY.
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