The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) performed a majority of the score for the Star Wars films. John Williams, the composer, acted as guest conductor for the orchestra during the recordings.

Founded on June 9, 1904, in London, England, the LSO stands strong at about 100 members and regularly tours around the world. In addition to soundtrack pieces, the symphony performs classical and some pop music.

As well as working on the Star Wars scores, the LSO has recorded for films such as Harry Potter and Raiders of the Lost Ark, both with scores by John Williams, along with Braveheart, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Eragon, and many others.



First ViolinsEdit

  • Gordan Nikolitch (Leader)
  • Roman Simovic (Leader)
  • Tomo Keller (Assistant Leader)
  • Carmine Lauri (Co-Leader)
  • Lennox Mackenzie (Sub-Leader)
  • Robin Brightman
  • Nigel Broadbent
  • Ginette Decuyper
  • Jörg Hammann
  • Maxine Kwok-Adams
  • Claire Parfitt
  • Elizabeth Pigram
  • Laurent Quenelle
  • Harriet Rayfield
  • Colin Renwick
  • Ian Rhodes
  • Sylvain Vasseur
  • David Worswick

Second ViolinsEdit

  • David Alberman and Evgeny Grach (Principals)
  • Tom Norris (Co-Principal)
  • Sarah Quinn (Sub-Principal)
  • Miya Ichinose
  • David Ballesteros
  • Richard Blayden
  • Matthew Gardner
  • Belinda McFarlane
  • Iwona Muszynska
  • Philip Nolte
  • Andrew Pollock
  • Paul Robson
  • Stephen Rowlinson
  • Louise Shackelton


  • Paul Silverthorne and Edward Vanderspar (Principals)
  • Gillianne Haddow (Co-Principal)
  • Malcolm Johnston (Sub-Principal)
  • Maxine Moore
  • Regina Beukes
  • Lander Echevarria
  • Richard Holttum
  • Robert Turner
  • Jonathan Welch
  • Natasha Wright
  • Gina Zagni


  • Tim Hugh (Principal)
  • Rebecca Gilliver (Principal)
  • Minat Lyons (Co-Principal)
  • Alastair Blayden (Sub-Principal)
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Mary Bergin
  • Noel Bradshaw
  • Hilary Jones
  • Amanda Truelove
  • Eve-Marie Caravassilis
  • David Gardner

Double BassesEdit

  • Rinat Ibragimov (Principal)
  • Joel Quarrington (Principal)
  • Colin Paris (Co-Principal)
  • Nicholas Worters (Sub-Principal)
  • Patrick Laurence
  • Axel Bouchaux
  • Michael Francis
  • Matthew Gibson
  • Tom Goodman
  • Gerald Newson


  • Gareth Davies (Principal)


  • Sharon Williams (Principal)


  • Emanuel Abbühl and Kieron Moore (Principals)
  • John Lawley

Cor AnglaisEdit

  • Christine Pendrill (Principal)


  • Andrew Marriner (Principal)
  • Chi-Yu Mo

Eb ClarinetEdit

  • Chi-Yu Mo (Principal)


  • Rachel Gough (Principal)
  • Joost Bosdijk


  • Dominic Morgan


  • Timothy Jones (Principal)
  • Angela Barnes
  • John Ryan (Co-Principal)
  • Jonathan Lipton


  • Phillip Cobb (Principal)
  • Rod Franks (Principal)
  • Gerald Ruddock
  • Nigel Gomm
  • Adam Palczewski


  • Dudley Bright (Principal)
  • Katy Jones (Co-Principal)
  • James Maynard

Bass TromboneEdit

  • Paul Milner (Principal)


  • Patrick Harrild (Principal)


  • Neil Percy (Principal)
  • David Jackson


  • Nigel Thomas (Principal)


  • Bryn Lewis (Principal)
  • Karen Vaughan (Co-Principal)


  • John Alley (Principal)

Principals EmeritusEdit

Member EmeritusEdit

  • Robert Retallick

Honorary MembersEdit

  • Alfonso Aijon OBE
  • Alderman Sir Robert Finch
  • Sir Clive Gillinson CBE
  • Jack Maxwell JP
  • Jane Moss
  • Ian Stoutzker OBE


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