Long-range turbolaser technology was developed by the Galactic Alliance during the Second Galactic Civil War.


Long-range turbolasers had a significantly longer effective range and were far more powerful than typical ones, allowing ships equipped with them to engage enemy craft from a distance at which the enemy could not respond, though at the expense of even greater power drain; even when mounted on an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, the drain was quite noticeable.


Prototype long-range turbolasers were installed on a few Hapan Battle Dragons and on the nose of the Anakin Solo, which used them to bombard Kashyyyk until they were sabotaged and destroyed by Luke Skywalker. Long-range turbolaser technology was stolen by the Confederation very early on, however, and the Confederation was able to deploy the technology on many of its Star Destroyers at the Second Battle of Balmorra without the Galactic Alliance Fourth Fleet being so equipped. Only Rear Admiral Gavin Darklighter's bold tactic of sending his starfighter screen to engage the capital ships while leaving his own fleet open to starfighter counterattack was able to prevent the Galactic Alliance from being forced to withdraw. Super-class Star Destroyer Megador was also equipped by long-range turbolasers, using them during Battle of Uroro Station in 41 ABY.

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