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The Long Shot was a modified Lantillian ShipWrights GX1 Short Hauler[1] captained by the Ithorian, Ixsthmus for several missions for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. His crew consisted of his Sullustan first mate Siene Symm and the droids R2-V0 and Four-Onebee.


The Long Shot was sent to a mission on the volcanic planet Alabash, ferrying a squad of Roughnecks that would pretend to be inspectors from the Imperial Resource Procurement Bureau. The ship was refueled and resupplied, and her markings were changed to match the squad's cover.

The Long Shot was later sent to the planet Iyuta when General Reekeene wanted a listening device to be placed on an Imperial communication center there.

During a later long mission of surveillance near Iyuta, the crew of the Long Shot discovered that the Empire had captured General Reekeene and sent her to a garrison on Flankers, a planet that would be destroyed by a nova in a matter of days. Ixsthmus headed to Flankers. Once there, Imperial forces identified the Long Shot as an enemy ship and fired on it, while Symm tried to dodge the attacks and keep everybody informed of the countdown.

At a later point, Reekeene's Rougnecks modified the Long Shot to increase the ship's sublight speed.[1]

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The Long Shot first appeared in the Star Wars Campaign Pack as a sample ship for any party of player characters.



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