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"I have no one but myself. And my ship is as old as some stars. Do you question my skill?"
―Loo Re Anno[1]

Loo Re Anno was a female member of a four-armed species and a respected racer in the Dragon Void Run. Within the Dragon Void, she was acknowledged as both the greatest and eldest racer present.


Early life[]

"All of you are so very young. What an honor. And what a curse."
―Loo Re Anno[1]

Loo Re Anno was born into an unknown species that was considered ancient as of the period of the Galactic Civil War.[1] Her people loved to fly fast, although typically pilots would fly alone.[2] Her grandmother, a mapmaker, was one of the founding members of the Dragon Void Run, a dangerous race which would go on for many years. Choosing not to fly alone like others of her species, she hoped to create a community which would become a family, and something more, through racing and challenging one another. Because of this, Loo Re's species changed, its culture becoming united by this ideal, and the race no longer sought solitary pleasures. Instead, her people saw the Dragon Void as a sacred rite that demanded their betterment.[2] Among her people, a spacefarer's heart, and the loyalty of their crew, often proved enough.[1]

Despite this, Loo Re chose to ignore her grandmother's lessons, and shunned both friendship and community in pursuit of self-discovery through solitude. Believing strength lay in isolation, Loo Re began flying alone, and her ship and the stars became her home.[3] Ultimately, her entire race dwindled down with the help of outsiders,[4] and embarked on an exodus to depart the galaxy for another realm. Building a Gate which lay at the end of the Dragon Void Run, they entered the seams between space and time, disappearing from the outside world. Not permitted to join the rest of her species beyond the Gate, Loo Re became the last of her kind in the galaxy.[3]

The last race[]

"This is not how I expected to run my last race. But then, the race is life…and life is unpredictable, is it not?"
―Loo Re Anno[5]

Loo Re became known as the greatest racer in the galaxy, as well as the oldest and the last of her species, as of the Dragon Void Run attended by Han Solo during the Age of the Empire.[1] Having grown tired of being alone, save for the company of her witnesses,[3] she intended for the race to be her last,[5] expecting to either win or die,[3] and her fellow competitors all took bets on the the competition being her final Run. She intervened in an altercation between newcomer Han Solo and Delan Vook, daring the racers to question her skill, and mused that perhaps Solo had the heart to win the race.[1] As the race began, the pilots found themselves under attack from explosive probes and mines, although Loo Re reassured her witnesses by remaining calm, choosing not to run her engines after realizing the mines were only targeting ships that were powered up. Solo followed her example, and Loo Re attached a line to the Corellian's Millennium Falcon, using his momentum to carry her vessel through the static barrier to safety. Uncoupling, Loo Re thanked Solo, and sped towards a brief respite on the next planet.[5]

Upon landing, Loo Re learned that Vook had fired on the Millennium Falcon during the struggle through the minefield, and reminded the Pantoran of the Dragon Void's codes of conduct. She informed Solo that he could file a complaint against Vook, which would result in Vook's disqualification, but Solo believed that the race was more important than revenge—a lesson Loo Re hoped Vook would take to heart. An intervention by the Galactic Empire found the racers briefly arrested, which Loo Re took in her stride,[5] although she became perturbed when the Imperial officer Tomine threatened her friends. Fortunately Solo came to her defense, and the race organizers convinced Tomine to let the racers return to their run. Departing the planet, Loo Re was contacted by Solo, who asked about the witness which had become attached to him; Loo Re informed him that she was in his debt for saving her friends, and vowed to speak further on the other side of the trial ahead.[4]

The racers embarked on a grueling twelve-hour slog through a debris field, which required every ounce of their focus to see through. Loo Re persevered even while racers such as Nadem Naz disqualified themselves from the challenge. Once the pilots were whittled down to only a handful, Loo Re and her fellow competitors were allowed an hour to refuel on the next planet. There, Loo Re's friend saved Solo from snooping cam droids by destroying the units, allowing him to rendezvous with the Rebel spy Dorae.[4] However, the witness became concerned and went to fetch Loo Re, who boarded the Falcon along with the Twi'lek Starshot Team to interrupt a tense confrontation between Solo, Dorae, and Chewbacca. Not wishing to add further drama to the race, Loo Re helped diffuse the stand-off, and asked Solo for a private moment. She questioned him about his reasons for racing the Dragon Void, and recognized many of the traits of her own people in the young pilot. Solo sympathized with Loo Re for no longer having any of her kind to fly alongside, but the ancient being replied that, by flying with Solo, she was no longer alone.[2]

Beginning the final leg of the race, however, Loo Re was confronted by an Imperial Star Destroyer above the planet. Remaining calm, she opened communications with the rest of the pilots, reminding them that the race was not yet over.[2] Loo Re rallied the remaining ships, activating an energy field around her vessel which opened a window into the seams between space and time, releasing a creature which began devouring the Imperial ships. Putting distance between themselves and the Empire, the racers entered the last and most dangerous trial of the Dragon Void, combating a region of space that quickly drained a ship's fuel.[3]

Loo Re entered into a final race for the Gate against Solo, flying neck and neck towards the ancient portal with Imperial pilots firing upon both vessels from behind. Loo Re's ship took damage, forcing her to fall behind until Solo deliberately veered away from the Gate to attack the pursuing ships head-on, and allowing her to win the race. Exultant at being able to return home, Loo Re flew through the portal, disappearing into the seams between space and time to reunite with her people. Finally permitted to rejoin her species, Loo Re marshaled the vessels of her kind to help Solo one final time. Activating the Gate from the other side, Loo Re returned to the galaxy at the head of her fleet, which fired upon the Empire as the remaining racers fled into the Gate. While Solo and the others returned to the start of the race, Loo Re herself remained with her people and her witnesses, appearing to have vanished from the galaxy.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"Why are you here, if not to become something more? Something as great and sublime as the stars themselves?"
―Loo Re Anno to Han Solo[2]

A member of an ancient species, Loo Re Anno was a tall humanoid with blue skin and a slender physique. Her head was surrounded by a large neck frill and a fin-like crest running down the back of her skull. Her two arms, adorned with peach-colored mottling, each bisected into two forearms at the elbow; the outer arm was capped with a three-fingered hand, while the hand of the inner arm had five slender fingers. Loo Re Anno had large, golden orb-like eyes, white teeth, and a thin waist.[1] She was often surrounded by her friends, whom she treated with affection and a protective instinct.[4]

Loo Re Anno was a wise individual who believed that loyalty, skill, and heart were important among spacefarers.[1] Racing was her life, even in its unpredictability,[5] and she considered the Dragon Void Run to be a sacred rite that reminded her that she could become more.[2] Loo Re counseled patience, choosing not to rush even while racing, and enjoyed steaming beverages during flights.[5][3] She was respected by her fellow racers.[2] As of the era of the Galactic Civil War, Loo Re was alone, but prided herself on her skill as a pilot in the Dragon Void.[1] She honored the race's codes, and looked unfavorably on unkindness shown to other racers[5] and her friends.[4] She believed that youth was both an honor and a curse.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Loo Re Anno first appeared in Han Solo 1, a 2016 comic book written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Mark Brooks.[1]


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