Cornelius Evazan as "Lopset Yas"

"L-L-Lopset, what the h—"
"That's not actually my name."
―Chelli Aphra and Cornelius Evazan[src]

"Lopset Yas" was a name used by Doctor Cornelius Evazan in order to hide from his death sentences. Evazan used a pluripleq stolen from Thannt to disguise himself as "Yas",[1] claiming the creature's shape-shifting abilities were his own.[2] The disguise managed to trick both Chelli Aphra[3] and Tam Posla, who was on the hunt for Evazan.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Lopset Yas" first appeared in Doctor Aphra 20: The Catastrophe Con, Part I, a 2018 canon comic written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Kev Walker.[3] Yas was revealed to be Evazan in Doctor Aphra 25: The Catastrophe Con, Part VI, also written by Spurrier and illustrated by Walker.[1]


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