Lorac Nonnaihr was a Human male who served as a Alderaanian businessman and high society member by using his mercantile operations as cover for an illegal arms-dealing ring. Employing mostly offworlders on semi-permanent visas and based out of the capital city's Spacer Quarter, the operation took orders via proxy and received payment from their customers up front, who then traveled to Belgaroth to pick up the weapons. Nonnaihr strictly forbid any of his clients from using his merchandise anywhere in the Alderaan system, and rarely involved himself in person with any related negotiations. When he did, he employed a shadowcloak and a bubble generator to help protect his identity and conceal any evidence of his illegal activities. But despite these countermeasures, his operation was eventually rooted out by freelance investigators hired by the highly-placed Alderaanian official Tor Aramatha. Lorac Nonnaihr was living on Alderaan at the time of its destruction.


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