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"Lorana's Labyrinth is a great place for smugglers because you can get lost easily. Somebody tailing you? Pop into the Labyrinth and lose them in the crowd. If you see someone inside you're trying to avoid, just navigate the maze around them. But be careful; if you lose your way, you could find yourself facing your foes."
Platt Okeefe[src]

Lorana's Labyrinth was a cantina on the planet Kelada. It was situated among the warehouses and docking bays of Kelada starport and was owned by Lorana.

The cantina had three separate entrances and its walls were covered with mirrors to make the room seem bigger. The bar followed the irregular edges of the walls and even extended into the center of the room in some places. The bar was somewhat labyrinthine and difficult to navigate, and the mirrored walls added to the difficulty. There were no tables, but only stools and raised and lowered sections of the bar. The room was typically dimly lit, and less than talented bands would sometimes provide atmospheric music from the stage alcove.

Lorana's Labyrinth was popular among spacers and local workers and would be almost completely packed in the afternoons and evenings. Lorana had a soft spot for smugglers who often came to the cantina to get lost in the crowd. She had several trapdoors installed around the bar to help her smuggler friends escape pursuers. The Galactic Empire would raid it often to catch wanted smugglers but very few were caught. It was shut down by the Empire, but reopened again soon after.



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