"Lorant spent evening with Moff Galvan as a lieutenant. By morning, she was a captain."

Lorant was a female Human captain in the Imperial Military of the reconstituted Sith Empire and a member of a black ops team headed by Lieutenant Pierce during the Galactic War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A former member of Pierce's black ops team, Lorant got her promotion from lieutenant to captain by sleeping with Moff Galvan. She became his favorite and her connections landed her a post on Balmorra by 3642 BBY. During the Battle of Corellia, Lieutenant Pierce recalled her back to the old team for a special occasion - General Arkos Rakton had authorized Pierce to go after The Bastion, the Republic's best defended military complex on Corellia. Pierce trusted no one else except his old teammates to be qualified enough for the job, but needed numbers, so he convinced Lorant to seduce Moff Galvan into providing them with reinforcements. When the team was fully assembled, Rakton excused her and the rest of the team from all other assignments and they headed for the Bastion. A couple of men under Lorant's command died during the assault, but eventually the fortress' gates were open. Pierce's team dealt with the security, killed the Bastion's commanding officer and took the base, securing a major victory on Corellia for the Empire.

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