"Their motherless, vat-grown killers will walk into ambush after ambush without a clue as to how or why they're being culled."
―Lorca Oviedo[src]

Lorca Oviedo was the Director of Oviedo Engineering during the final years of the Galactic Republic.


Oviedo tried to gain profit by negotiating with Wat Tambor, although he already promised the Republic to sell his weapons to them. Their plan was to ensure that the Senate would continue to order weapons for the clone army, thus enabling the Confederacy of Independent Systems to find out about troop numbers and deployments. Since Oviedo's loyalty was already in question, however, they decided to conduct a staged attack to reconfirm his standing in the Republic.

Oviedo's ship managed to land on the remote moon of Asturias, as did a handful of clone commandos assigned to protect him. The clone squad with RC-2088 discovered Oviedo's plans, captured him and brought him back to Coruscant as a prisoner. But before Oviedo could be questioned for his treason, he died—allegedly of heart failure—soon after his arrival on Coruscant.


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