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"I'll settle for a ship. Something fast and hyperspace-capable. Carries upward of twenty. In luxury."
"I have just the model, Your Highness."
―Leia Organa and Junn[src]

The Lord Junn was a pleasure craft that originally belonged to Junn, a male human who lived as a Lord on the planet Naboo during the Galactic Civil War. In the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin, Junn betrayed his old friend Leia Organa by revealing her presence on Naboo to her Imperial pursuers. When Organa confronted Junn about his betrayal and threatened to kill him, he let her have his pleasure craft in exchange for his life. Organa put the Lord Junn to good use in her mission to rescue the remaining sons and daughters of her homeworld of Alderaan, which had been destroyed by the Empire recently.


Princess Leia's mission[]

"Leia to the ship Lord Junn. Leave orbit now and jump to lightspeed."
"Your highness? We're not about to abandon you.
―Organa orders Uwa Pareece and the Lord Junn to leave Sullust[src]

The Lord Junn being crewed by the Melodic Order

The Lord Junn was owned by Lord Junn of the planet Naboo during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[1] During the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Empire destroyed the peaceful planet Alderaan for being sympathetic to the Rebel cause.[5] Princess Leia Organa was the last surviving member of the ruling family of Alderaan, so she took it upon herself to rescue all the surviving sons and daughters of Alderaan spread throughout the galaxy.[6] Organa's first stop was Naboo, where she rescued and recruited the Melodic Order, a group of Alderaanian musicians from Imperial slavers, to her cause. And, after Junn betrayed Organa, he gave her the Lord Junn—in exchange for his life—to help transport the Alderaanians. Organa put the yacht to good use, carrying the Alderaanains who numbered about twenty in luxury.[1] Madam Uwa Pareece, the leader of the Melodic Order, along with an Alderaanian pilot, piloted the yacht to the volcanic planet Sullust in the Outer Rim, along with Organa's borrowed T-1 shuttle.[4] However, unknown to everyone on board, a young musician named Tace was contacting her sister Tula who was using the information her sister gave her to aid the Empire in tracking Organa.[1][3]

The Lord Junn in orbit over volcanic Sullust

Some time later, the two starships arrived in the Sullust system. The Lord Junn remained in orbit, while Organa and her companions, Evaan Verlaine and the astromech droid R2-D2, went to the Alderaan Enclave, a group of Alderaanians who lived in a massive cave system underground, in order to rescue them as well. However, the Alderaanians, led by Preserver Jora Astane, harbored much distrust for Organa and tried to kill her after a recording of Tace and Tula was discovered originating from an Imperial cruiser; the destroyer where Tula was stationed. While on the run, Organa contacted the Lord Junn and told them to leave because an Imperial-class Star Destroyer was nearby. Pareece at first refused, but relented when an Imperial Sentinel-class landing craft appeared on the yacht's scanners. The landing craft made planet-fall and attacked the compound. The platoon of stormtroopers were quickly defeated by Artoo's quick thinking. Astane then realized she has been truly mistaken in her mistrust, and pledged herself to Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan. Although, as Organa reminded them, they still had a spy to catch.[4]

Over the next several days, the Lord Junn and the Sullustan smuggler Nien Nunb, along with his freighter, the Mellcrawler, helped transport all the Alderaanians of the Alderaan Enclave away from Sullust to save them from the Empire.[7] Later, the Lord Junn traveled to the planet Espirion, where it remained in orbit while Nunb supplied Organa with many blasters and blaster cannons for use in a secret plan. In the Lord Junn's biggest chamber, Organa awarded Nunb with her late mother's necklace, the Chalcedony waves, for his bravery. Immediately after, Astane, with Tace in handcuffs, arrived having found their "spy." Organa took control of the situation and questioned the young girl in the yacht's cafeteria. Tace soon admitted to communicating with her sister, but was unaware that Tula had been relaying Organa's efforts to the Empire.[3]

Soon thereafter, aboard the Lord Junn's bridge, Organa tasked Pareece and Astane to go to Espirion's surface and request the Alderaanians who had lived there for generations to join the rescue mission. She then went back to Tace's quarters, and had her contact Tula. Tula, however, realized something was amiss; as did Dreed, Tula's commanding officer, he knew that the Rebels had learned of the spying and arrested Tula. Organa quickly bargained for an exchange with the commander: Organa for Tula. Organa went to prepare to once again be the Empire's prisoner in her quarters. Organa's T-1 shuttle docked with the Lord Junn to allow her and her pilot Covis to meet the Empire on

neutral ground, the desert planet Skaradosh. Later, Organa was arrested, while Tula was rescued.[3]

A multitude of starships emerge from hyperspace above Espirion, and around the Lord Junn

The Lord Junn, still in orbit over Espirion awaiting for Pareece and Astane to return from the reunification talks, were suddenly overwhelmed when a multitude of starships of all classes emerged from hyperspace over Espirion.[3] The ships, however, were all crewed by Alderaanians who had come to help their princess.[2] On Skaradosh, Verlaine and Nunb rescued Organa aboard the Mellcrawler and killed Dreed. At the same time, the Alderaanian fleet, led by the Lord Junn moved to Organa's position over Skaradosh. Organa was informed the ships had come to fight, she told them to prepare for battle. The Mellcrawler docked with the Lord Junn, allowing Organa, Verlaine, Tula and Artoo boarded. Organa knew the Alderaanian fleet was in danger: Dreed's Star Destroyer was out to avenge Dreed's death by destroying the last of the Alderaanians: The Alderaanian fleet. The princess knew they had no chance of winning the forthcoming battle without the help of Espirion's military. Therefore, she was angry when she learned the reunification talks with Espirion's leader, Beon Beonel had failed.[2]

Organa prepared for battle anyway and broadcast a message to the fleet, telling them they had little chance of winning against the Imperial flagship, but they would fight together as one, as Alderaan. The destroyer arrived and launched many TIE/ln space superiority starfighters. The Lord Junn's turrets were manned by Organa and Astane while the pleasure craft opened fire on the Imperials along with the rest of the fleet. The battle raged, until the Espirion Multi, an Espirion warship sent by Beonel after hearing Organa's speech, arrived to handle the destroyer with its powerful laser cannons. The Espirion Multi soon landed the shot that annihilated the Imperial ship, the battle was over.[2]

The Lord Junn leads the search for a "new Alderaan."

Soon thereafter, dignitaries, including Nunb, the Espirion Multi's captain and Beonel himself, gathered aboard the Lord Junn to celebrate their victory and the unification of the survivors of Alderaan. Organa had decided that she needed to return to the Rebel Alliance to continue the fight against the Empire's tyranny, so after endorsing Verlaine as the steward to the throne until she could return, departed, while Pareece, Verlaine, Astane and Beonel led the search for a new world to colonize with the Alderaanian fleet. The Lord Junn served as the fleet's flagship during that time.[2]



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