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Loronar was the headquarters of Loronar Corporation and the site of the Loronar shipyards.


Like its neighbor Byblos, Loronar was colonized by Corellian settlers before the founding of the Galactic Republic. Both worlds later declared their independence from Corellia.[2]

By 4 ABY, the planet had become an Imperial fortress world.[2] A large Imperial presence was felt, as many small bases existed. Many of these bases were defended by missile turrets, TIE interceptor squadrons, and AT-PT walkers. The Rebel Alliance attacked one of the small bases during a raid.[4] Using the X-wing Starfighter, Rogue Squadron provided air support for Crix Madine's commando unit. The raid destroyed a small base used for critical Imperial operations.

Loronar joined the New Republic after its liberation and contributed to the Galactic Civil War by producing starships for the New Republic.[3]

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