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"All the finest, all the first."
―Loronar Corporation's logo[3]

The Loronar Corporation was a major diversified firm based out of the Meridian sector with primary holdings in defense, droid, and mining operations. With a reputation for exceptional corporate greed, Loronar had a storied history of manipulation and exploitation in the pursuit of profit.


For millennia, Loronar produced a wide variety of products, but was best known for its military hardware produced through its Loronar Defense Industries subsidiary. The Loronar range of products contained everything from infantry weapons to space stations. Loronar's products were sold to governments, mercenaries, private interests and any other party willing to pay the price.

After the fall of the Galactic Republic, Loronar was quick to align itself with Palpatine's New Order, but was also responsible for arming Rebel Alliance and even turned five hundred percent profit in ten years of arming them.[3] During the military build up that followed the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Loronar received a lucrative contract for the production of capital ships like the versatile Strike-class medium cruiser and massive Torpedo Spheres.

Over time, Loronar gained a reputation for corruption, initiating riots on Ampliquen, staging a coup on King's Galquek and committing rights violations in the Gantho system. With the death of Palpatine and the decay of the Empire, Loronar, under the leadership of then-CEO Gnifmak Dymurra, aligned itself with Seti Ashgad in his bid for power in the Meridian sector. After subduing the revolt and returning the Loronar-abused tsil, the New Republic penalized Loronar heavily and brought those responsible for known crimes to justice. Loronar came close to bankruptcy.

Despite this, the New Republic came to rely on the conglomerate for military supplies as the Empire and Old Republic had before it. It fulfilled several major defense contracts and worked with the Corellian Engineering Corporation in funding The Nerfworks, a think tank specializing in starship design projects.



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