The Loronar medium transport was designed by the Loronar Corporation prior to the Clone Wars.

With a total length of 75 meters and a standard crew of four, it could carry ten passengers and 17,000 metric tons of cargo. The vessel was notoriously easy to modify, and many were converted to a variety of uses. The drive system was not so easily modified, and so they were rarely used for trades where sublight speed was desired, such as military conversion or illicit shipping.

Although not known for its speed or agility, it performed well in its designed role and was a very durable vessel. This made it popular among budget-minded captains who wished to avoid high maintenance bills.

The Smoking Blaster was one of such transport.


Loronar starship classes
B-7 light freighter · Field Secured Container Vessel
Loronar medium transport
MOD-17 container freighter · Ycaqt droid cargo ship
Patrol ships
Regulator X-Q2 System Patrol Cruiser · X-Q1 patrol craft
YQ-400 Monitor droid patrol ship
Scout ships
"Out System" Scout Vessel · SkyBlind
Far*Reach IV PQR
Needle fighter
Crusader XX-777 prototype droid frigate
Belarus-class medium cruiser · Strike-class medium cruiser
Torpedo Sphere
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