"He's loose, but you'll find him. The Quarren's ship was overdue on docking fees, so I had Lorrb put an impoundment transmitter on it. The frequency's in his droid's memory."
―Darial Anglethorn[src]

Lorrb was a male who worked in a spaceport on the planet of Beheboth in 8 ABY. Because Quarren scientist Kimp Minmirn had not paid his docking fees, Peacekeeper Darial Anglethorn ordered Lorrb to place an impoundment transmitter in his starship. When Lieutenant Mils Giel later fled the planet after being caught mutating the planet's native Tirrith population into his personal assassination force, with Minmirn's assistance, he stole the Quarran's ship to make his escape. Lorrb had stored the transmitter's frequency in his droid and, as Giel was unaware of the tracking device, the Beheboth police force planned to use the device to follow the criminal.[1]

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Lorrb was briefly mentioned in part four of Beheboth: Blood and Water, Hit and Mist, a supplement to the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars roleplaying game. The article, part of the Planet Hoppers serial, was written by Cory J. Herndon and released in June 2004.[1]

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