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Lorta was a Mid Rim world located on the Cerean Reach, near Jiroch-Reslia. It was was home to the violent and expansionist Lortans.


Battle of Sarapin 4

Battle above Lorta.

A battle occurred in orbit of Lorta during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire. Republic forces attacked the D-1Z prototype bomber on its maiden voyage but Imperial forces successfully defended the bomber.[4]

For centuries, religious fanatics from Lorta threatened the neighboring sectors.[5] They believed that someday a Man-Hutt would sweep evil from the galaxy.[6]

During the Imperial Period, expansionist Lortan Fanatics eventually launched their murderous crusade, knows as the Reslian Purge. They swept across twelve star systems and destroyed everything in their path.[7] The Galactic Empire eventually interceded in the conflict and the Lortans were finally stopped in a series of battles in which Soontir Fel participated.[6]



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