Loruss was the manager and chief technician of the IG Series Prototype Project at Holowan Laboratories who produced five assassin droids—namely, IG-72 and the four IG-88 droids (A, B, C, and D). These droids, ordered by Imperial Supervisor Gurdun, were meant to serve the Empire. Instead, when IG-88A's experimental advanced sentience programming was activated, he went wild. Terrified, Loruss ordered her technicians to shut him down at once while she snatched a high-powered rifle. She fired. IG-88A, however, deflected the shot straight into her forehead, killing her. He then proceeded to kill the other technicians present, freed the other four prototypes, downloaded his consciousness into the three IG-88 droids, and killed nearly every living thing in the Holowan Laboratories complex before escaping.[1]

Loruss was a cadaverous-looking woman with a shaved head, heavy jaw, and blue frameless lenses implanted in front of her eyes. Her teeth were widely spaced, and her knuckles were large. Although she was the head of her team, IG-88A judged her to have little real technical knowledge.[1]



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