"These guys have started up a band of mercenaries since they got lost from their detachment. The problem is that they are just too good, and are ruining my company's chance of getting good deals. The less of them there are, the better for us."
―A commoner, to a spacer[src]

The Lost Aqualish Regiment, best known as the Lost Aqualish, were a group of Aqualish who had settled secretly on Talus where they lived in isolation since centuries.

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"You there. Lookin' for a long term job that involves you getting your hands a bit dirty? If so, I know of a place where you can make some money by taking out a group of Aqualishes. They've got all kinds of good weapons on them you probably can use or sell."
―A commoner, to a spacer[src]

The Lost Aqualish were the descendants of an Aqualish war party secretly positioned on Talus during the Aqualish–Corellian War,[2] a brief and minor border conflict that took place in the Trans-Nebular sector centuries prior to the Galactic Civil War.[3] These Aqualish troops discovered a cave in the wilderness of Talus and took up permanent residence when they realized that it was the perfect staging ground for their raids.[1] When the war ended, the Aqualish remained hidden and continued to live in complete isolation during centuries. Highly paranoid, and often described as crazed by those few who knew of their existence, the Lost Aqualish kept their base well hidden fearing that the war could break out any day. Though there were occasional skirmishes between the Lost Aqualish and the Human settlers on Talus, their existence was virtually unknown to the rest of the galaxy.[2]

Lost Aqualish soldiers.

The Lost Aqualish had cut themselves off from all outside communication during centuries. Due to their state of isolation, they had no knowledge of the fall of the Old Republic or the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.[2]

After the Battle of Yavin, several Lost Aqualish warriors decided to work as mercenaries on Talus, seriously competing with local mercenaries.[4] Circa 1 ABY,[5] a mercenary in Nashal requested a spacer to attack the Lost Aqualish cave and eliminate as much Aqualish as possible.[4]

Around the same time, several Lost Aqualish outriders were recruited by the Followers of Baba to act as scouts and snipers.[6]

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