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"They were the Lost Jedi, you know. The true Jedi, upon which the future will be built. They simply needed a leader, and a teacher."
Darth Traya[src]

Vrook Lamar, Kavar, and Zez-Kai Ell were Lost Jedi.

The expression Lost Jedi was used to refer to withdrawing Jedi throughout the galaxy, in the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War.[1]

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Republic Intelligence reports indicated evidence that the Jedi Order had suffered even greater casualties after the war, when the First Jedi Purge was being perpetrated, but the information remained classified until some time after the devastation of Katarr, so the dissolution of the Order became one of the greatest mysteries of that time. The surviving Jedi had actually gone into self-imposed exile, hiding their presence until the Sith threat that was stalking them could be found. Jedi Masters Zez-Kai Ell, Kavar, and Vrook Lamar, were Lost Jedi, as were Bastila Shan and Deesra Luur Jada. Master Lonna Vash also went into exile, traveling to Korriban only to be murdered by Darth Sion. Atris resided in her secret Jedi Academy on Telos IV, unknown to the Sith and Jedi alike, as she was to attend the conclave on Katarr and was assumed to have died there. Just prior to the Battle of Telos IV, as agreed with her, Meetra Surik had what remained of the Jedi High Council assembled on Dantooine, but again Atris would not expose herself.[2]

Vrook, Kavar, and Zez-Kai Ell all fell to the second coming of Darth Traya, who murdered them in the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. After she was defeated by Surik, she referred to Surik's disciples as the true "Lost Jedi" upon which the future of the Order would be built. Although they did not receive formal Jedi training, Surik's Force-sensitive followers eventually became the Masters of the rebuilding Jedi Order.[2] Specifically, following Surik's departure for the Unknown Regions, Mical would sit on the new Jedi High Council as a Jedi Master, and sentence Atris for her crimes.[3] The Echani Brianna, the sixth and youngest of the Handmaiden Sisters, was also a follower of Surik, and was considered one of the Lost Jedi.[4] According to Darth Traya's predictions, she would succeed Atris as Jedi historian.[2]

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