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"It unfolds from the perspective of the rebels, and then the Empire, and then the two characters and their struggles within that context... I found that really interesting."
―Yusaka Komiyama[4]

Lost Stars (in Japanese: ロスト・スターズ) is a Japanese webcomic by Line Corporation. An adaptation of Claudia Gray's young adult novel Lost Stars, it is illustrated by Yusaku Komiyama. The first part of the comic was uploaded on LINE's official blog on May 4, 2017. The issues were uploaded every two weeks on Thursdays.[1] From chapter 3 onward, were uploaded each first and third Thursday of the month.[5] The last chapter was released on April 18, 2019.

On November 18, 2017 it was announced by Yen Press that the manga was going to be officially translated and released in the US. The first volume was released on May 8, 2018.[6]

Publisher's summary[]

Star Wars official spin-off work! Finally landed in Japan for the first time!! Lost Stars (author: Claudia Gray) popular in the United States is a long-awaited manga with complete supervision of Lucasfilm, supervising it! Youth Thane (male) and Ciena (female) who longed for the ideals of the Empire and volunteered for the Imperial Army. Another Star Wars story of young people who tried to survive the turbulent era of rebellion, from the rise of the Rebel Alliance to the collapse of the Empire (Ep.4 - Ep. 6) for his own justice!![7]


Color code key:
Collected (TPB) comic Released comic Future comic
Chapter Publication date Trade paperback Publication date
Prologue 1 May 4, 2017
Star Wars Lost Stars, Vol. 1
Prologue 2 May 11, 2017
1 June 1, 2017
2 July 6, 2017
3 July 20, 2017
4 August 3, 2017
5 August 17, 2017
6 September 7, 2017
7 September 21, 2017
8 October 5, 2017
9 October 19, 2017
10 November 2, 2017
11 November 16, 2017
12 December 7, 2017
Star Wars Lost Stars, Vol. 2
13 January 4, 2018
14 January 18, 2018
15 February 1, 2018
16 February 15, 2018
17 March 1, 2018
18 March 15, 2018
19 April 19, 2018
20 May 3, 2018
21 May 17, 2018
22 June 6, 2018
23 July 5, 2018
24 July 19, 2018
Star Wars Lost Stars, Vol. 3
25 August 2, 2018
26 September 6, 2018
27 September 20, 2018
28 October 3, 2018
29 November 1, 2018
30 November 15, 2018
31 December 6, 2018
32 December 20, 2018
33 January 17, 2019
34 February 7, 2019
35 March 7, 2019
36 March 21, 2019
Bonus April 18, 2019


  • One panel of the series' twenty-third chapter shows at least fifteen Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts gathered before the Battle of Endor, despite Aftermath: Life Debt specifying that only thirteen were in service before the battle. Furthermore, the fleet depicted in the image is said in the Lost Stars novel to be nearly as big as the Imperial fleet present at the Battle of Hoth. However, earlier in the same novel, it was said that six Star Destroyers were at Hoth—a significantly smaller force than the one depicted in the image. This was later changed in the printed version, the panel now features three Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts.
  • The thirty-third chapter adapts the fight between Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell aboard the Inflictor. This fight differs with the book, the dialogue and combat previously established by the book is completely changed.


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