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This strike team was handpicked by the Lost Tribe of Sith Grand Lord Darish Vol and Lady Olaris Rhea to track Ship, a Sith Meditation Sphere, and hunt down Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker.


In 43.5 ABY, members of the Lost Tribe of Sith, including Lady Olaris Rhea, sensed a great presence in the Force. The Tribe learned from Ship that the presence belonged to Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker, and, realizing that this Jedi stood between them and their proposed reconquest of the galaxy in the name of the Sith Empire, Rhea and Grand Lord Darish Vol decided to assemble a team to hunt down and kill Skywalker. Ship, a Sith Meditation Sphere that had helped the Tribe to create a new armada, abruptly left Kesh, however, and the team's objective was changed to recovering the Sith Meditation Sphere, with killing Skywalker coming second.

Finding Ship[]

The strike team tracked Ship to a planet in the Maw, where they met with a woman named Abeloth. Abeloth claimed to have been stranded on the planet for the last three decades, but in reality she was a powerful being who had gained control of both Ship and the planet she resided on. After nearly drowning, Sith apprentice Vestara Khai was told Abeloth's true nature by Ship, but when she told the other members of the team, they didn't believe her. Meanwhile, Abeloth used the flora and fauna of the planet to kill many of the Sith. After she discovered that Skywalker was beyond shadows in the Maw with his son, Ben Skywalker, Abeloth allowed them to leave, under the condition that they captured the Skywalkers, rather than kill them. Rhea, however, did not believe that Vol would approve of this, and changed the objective back to kill.

Attacking the Skywalkers[]

Vestara Khai, sole survivor of the strike team

The Sith found the Grand Master and his son on Sinkhole Station, a space station in the Maw that was the home of the Mind Walkers. The team ambushed the Skywalkers, but the Jedi fought them off and escaped farther into the station, covering their retreat with azetal gas. Meanwhile, Master Yuvar Xal, his apprentice Ahri Raas, Rhea's apprentice Vestara Khai, and Sith Saber Baad Walusari planned to ambush the Jedi with stun grenades at a junction in the Station. Xal, however, planned to take control of the strike team, and when the Jedi arrived on the scene, he and his apprentice attempted to kill Khai and Walusari by throwing their own grenades back at them. Rhea had expected such a move, however, and had ordered Khai and Walusari to first throw fake grenades. Angered by the betrayal, Vestara killed Xal, and Raas, distracted by his Master's cry of pain and surprise, was killed by one of the Skywalkers. The Jedi then killed Walusari and Luke allowed Khai to strike him with her parang in order to establish a Blood trail on her. He then knocked her out and took her hostage.

As the Jedi made their way toward the hangar in an attempt to get to their ship, however, they were ambushed by more Sith. During the ensuing skirmish Khai reawakened and managed to escape from them, but they defeated the remaining Sith and escaped to the hangar, where Ben prepared their ship for takeoff. Meanwhile, Luke reentered the Station, where he confronted the last four survivng members of the strike team. The two surviving males were quickly killed, leaving just Rhea and Khai alive. They dueled with him in the turbolift leading to the hangar. Meanwhile, Ben opened fire on Ship, distracting the two Sith, and allowing Luke to kill Rhea. Khai, the last survivng member of the team, saluted Skywalker and fled. She traveled to Dathomir, with the Skywalkers tracking her using the Blood trail.


The strike team was led by Circle of Lords member Lady Olaris Rhea, who commanded the Eternal Crusader. Sith Master Yuvar Xal served as the second-in-command as her executive officer, although she left the ship under the command of Walusari during the search for Ship on Abeloth's planet, as she trusted the Sith Saber more than Xal.


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