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Lost Tribe of the Sith—Spiral 4 is the fourth issue in the Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith—Spiral story arc written by John Jackson Miller. The events of the comics take place around 2974 BBY, one year or less after the events of the ebook Pandemonium.[1]

Publisher's summary[]

A Sith princess returns to her kingdom as ancient Lord Dreypa's awakened army of Leviathans wreaks havoc and destruction across the lost tribe of the Sith, searching for the one thing that can again open Dreypa's power to the entire galaxy! Running out of options to save the tribe she wants to rule, the princess takes a chance that places all her trust in herself and in the Sith rebel who's been fighting against her . . .

Plot summary[]

The antagonist Remulus Dreypa, an ancient Dark Jedi, unleashes his Leviathan Sithspawn on both his former followers and the pursuing Lost Tribe of Sith's army. These monsters are capable of using their blister traps to consume the life energies of living beings. At that point, Dreypa and his Leviathans are attacked by the Doomed—the stranded descendants of ancient Dark Jedi and Jedi from the Hundred-Year Darkness—who are riding uvaks, winged reptilian beasts of steed. The two protagonists the Sith outcast Parlan Spinner and the princess Takara Hilts duel with each other.

Their duel is interrupted when Takara's mother Grand Consort Iliana Hilts is attacked by a Leviathan. Takara slays the beast and frees Iliana, winning the trust of Takara. The trio manage to escape the battle on an uvak and are shortly joined by Kaliska, the leader of the Doomed. By that stage, Dreypa has managed to regain the upper hand and has killed most of the Doomed. Kaliska reveals that the Doomed's ancestors have hidden an ancient Jedi starship beneath Tahv, the capital of the Lost Tribe. Aware of Dreypa's ambitions to return to the stars, Kaliska convinces Spinner to destroy the ship. Spinner agrees and flies back to Tahv on an uvak with the weakened Iliana. Meanwhile, Takara and Kaliska stay behind to fight off Dreypa and his Leviathans. Kaliska is devoured by one of Dreypa's Leviathans but Takara duels with Dreypa.

Meanwhile, Spinner reaches Tahv and a debilitated Iliana is reunited with her elderly husband Grand Lord Varner Hilts. However, Spinner reneges on his promise to destroy the Last Hope and takes to the stars, attempting to fulfill his ancestor's ambitions of returning to the wider galaxy.



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