The following is an email conversation between me and John Jackson Miller. He gave his permission to post this message on the Wiki for others to refer to. Andykatib 02:38, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

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Me: Dear Mr Miller,

You will be pleased to know that most of the Knight Errant and Lost Tribe material has been well covered over the past two years. Feel free to come and browse and to make edits where you see it necessary. I have gotten a few questions on some Lost Tribe topics:

1) In Pandemonium, Edell mentions that he has received new orders following the capture of Quarra, Jogan, and the Mischance. Later in chapter 16, grand lord Hilts mentions that he got Edell's signals about Bentado turning. Does this mean that Edell was able to communicate through thought projection? It is a bit unclear.

2) Was Jaye Vuhld by any chance Force-sensitive? Hilts mentioned that Jaye would have made a good Tyro or Saber. But he doesn't show much force sensitivity in Pantheon and Secrets.

3) Was Peppin from Pandemonium by any chance a former Sister of Seelah? She had red hair.

4) what happens to Neera, the leader of Force 57, after Secrets. Near the end of the story, she praises Hilts for finding a path wide enough for all and that he alone had her trust. She doesn't seem to be power-hungry and greedy like Korsin Bentado. For all her anger, she seems to be honest and loyal.

5) The short stories also briefly mention that the Sith had a schooling system which wasn't very effective. What would it have been like and what would they have learnt at school? Would the Tribe have started a university. I can imagine a Varner Hilts School of History and scholarship programme, an Edell Vrai School of Engineering, a Yaru Korsin School of Government and Law, a Nida Korsin Skyborn Ranger academy, a Seelah Korsin School of Medicine, and a Jogan Halder People's Friendship College.

Please take your time to craft a response. Thank you so much for helping me with my previous queries and all the best.

Best regards, Andrew Lim

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John Jackson Miller:

1) When Edell tells Peppin "I have new orders," he means that he has new orders for her, that he came up with on his own. He was not in contact with Hilts after the death of his telepath.

As to "reading the signals of Bentado turning," Hilts is referring to semaphore transmissions that Edell sent back, after Bentado's death, to the new arrivals at Port Melephos in between chapters 15 and 16. It's already implied there was some communication between Hilts' arriving forces and Edell at the capital, since Edell knew to prepare for the Good Omen's arrival.

Hilts had no information about Bentado's turning prior to that -- but he had reason to assume, from reading Adari's testament, that the Alanciari would have treated Bentado as an evil invader. Plus, of course, the fact that he was an evil invader!

2) We never established that, but it doesn't matter: while there is a high concentration of Force-sensitives in the Tribe's population, there are human members of the Tribe hierarchy who are not Force-sensitive. (They just don't go very far.) I would presume that once Keshiri made it into the ranks (and we know they did eventually) some of them might not have been Force-users.

3) We don't say, but I doubt it. She would have been too young when the Sisters were active.

4) If we didn't show it, we didn't show it. With the great passage of time, it made sense that not everyone from Secrets would appear.

5) If the stories don't detail it, I really can't elaborate. Certainly Hilts didn't think people knew their history, but there would certainly have been other ways to learn.

Best, John Jackson Miller

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