The Village of Durbin was a village located on the Twin World of Talus. Located east of Lake Bondoma, the Village of Durbin was surrounded by a winding river and a tall hill which was capped with a small geyser. This geyser was surrounded by a number of berserk kahmurra. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, the Village of Durbin was overrun by a hoard of sludge panthers. Those who did not escape suffered a grizzly demise, as evidenced by the number of skeletons strewn about the now abandoned village. After being overrun, the now derelict village was known as the Lost Village of Durbin. It continued to be dangerously overrun by sludge panthers throughout the Galactic Civil War. Periodically, intrepid spacers would brave the village in order to either hunt the sludge panthers, or pillage the village of any remaining loot. Mysteriously, one spacer collected a variation of an acid sword called the Xris Acid Sword, named after Rodian hunter Sordaan Xris. The sword was found impaled in the skeletal remains of one of the deceased villagers.

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