Lotas was a Rodian cyborg bounty hunter.

Lotas began his career as a full-fleshed bounty hunter without cybernetic implants. This eventually changed after he captured a Duros prey and delivered him or her to the Galactic Empire. The Imperial admiral, secretly a strong investor in SoroSuub technologies, offered Lotas a choice between a 7,000-credit reward or 25,000 credits in prototype cybernetic attachments. Lotas accepted the cybernetics and became a test subject for SoroSuub.

Lotas noticed an improved performance of himself, so he began accepting cybernetic implants instead of cash for bounties, and he also bought more cybernetic implants with monetary bounties.

During a competitive run-in with Jodo Kast in Trax sector, Lotas lost his right arm, but he gladly replaced it with a cybernetic one.

At some time between 4 BBY and 2 ABY, Lotas joined Ploovo's Protocol Team, a group of "debt collectors" working for loanshark Ploovo Two-For-One. Lotas disliked the "frailties of the flesh", preferring to be considered more a machine than a being, so he felt admiration towards assassin droid HN-TR1, another member of the Protocol Team.

During the Glite-Ven hostilities, Lotas noticed the sadistic droid EV-4D9 and expressed his interest on it, an interest shared by HN-TR1. Following their advice, Ploovo bought EV-4D9, who became a new member of the Protocol Team. Lotas respected EV-4D9's darkly analytical functions.

As a cyborgEdit

Lotas's known cybernetic improvements include:


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