"It has a deep connection to the Force, to the energy of this planet."
"Don't all living things?"
"This is different. More focused, like it has a purpose."
Kanan Jarrus describes to Ezra Bridger what he sensed from a Loth-wolf[4]

Loth-wolves were sentient canine predators native to the planet Lothal. Loth-wolves had a special connection to the Force and Lothal, where they acted as the guardians of the light side on the world. By the time of the Imperial Era, Loth-wolves were widely believed to be extinct, yet in 1 BBY, members of the Spectres rebel cell encountered Loth-wolves while undertaking an undercover mission on the planet for the Rebel Alliance.

Biology and appearance[]

"Ezra, how did you know the wolves could do that?"
"I didn't."
―Zeb and Ezra after experiencing hyperspace tunneling[4]
Loth-wolf pack WaaD

A pack of Loth-wolves.

Loth-wolves were a canine species native to the planet Lothal. They came in a variety of colors including white,[1] black,[4] and silver.[5] Loth-wolves were sentient, and also capable of speaking Galactic Basic Standard, although they did not speak often.[1] They were strongly connected to the Force of Lothal, making them capable of remarkable feats, including hyperspace tunneling and crossing through the World Between Worlds.[4] Loth-wolves were large creatures, taller than a human. One individual, Dume, was abnormally large even by the standards of Loth-wolves.[6]


Before the Empire[]

Loth-wolves were a concern for many of Lothal's early settlers,[2] and farmers were known to carry blasters to protect themselves from creatures.[7] They were depicted in cave paintings made by the ancient people of the planet,[1] and were named in a Lothalite children's rhyme.[8]

By the Imperial Era, Loth-wolves were widely thought to be extinct as they had not been seen for over a hundred years.[1] During the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano passed by a depiction of a loth-wolf while on Mortis.[9]

Reign of the Empire[]

Crossing paths[]

"I... I thought I saw something. I think it's a Loth-wolf. No one's seen them in 100 years, but I think I keep seeing one today.
A Loth-wolf? Like from those old cave paintings?
―Ezra and Sabine, as Ezra saw it the first time[1]

In 1 BBY,[10] Ezra Bridger encountered one on a scouting mission in the fields of Lothal. Having a special connection to the Force, they could sense that Lothal was in danger from the Galactic Empire, an organization of the dark side. The wolf later assisted Bridger and Sabine Wren in escaping from Imperial forces. It put Wren to sleep merely by saying the word and vanished when the other Spectres were near.[1]

White Loth-wolf wbw K

Loth-wolves could travel through the World Between Worlds.

Later, the white wolf, along with two other wolves, transported Bridger, Wren, Zeb Orrelios, Kanan Jarrus, and Ryder Azadi from a wolf den in the northern hemisphere to a cliff dwelling in the southern hemisphere, using a means reminiscent of hyperspace travel and were able to enter[4] the World Between Worlds,[11] as indicated by their ability to walk through space.[4] The wolf took a strong interest in Kanan Jarrus, whom he referred to by his birth name, "Dume." The white wolf, along with the two black wolves, stopped Jarrus from returning to Lothal City to rescue Hera Syndulla, and gave him a message.[12] While Kanan meditated before going on his fateful mission to rescue her, it silently watched him through the grass.[13]

Spirit guides[]

White Loth-wolf Ezra DUME

Dume, counsels Ezra Bridger after the death of his master.

After Kanan's death at the hands of Governor Pryce, Ezra, while mourning, was ambushed by the white wolf and the two others, who pursued him until nightfall. Ezra, now lost, sat by a large mound and fell asleep. He then woke up to find the three wolves staring at him, and behind him an even larger wolf named "Dume." After a conversation with Dume, the wolves gave Ezra a stone from the Lothal Jedi Temple. Following this, Ezra managed to reunite with the other Spectres and told them about the plan to get to the temple.[5]

The Loth-wolves appeared out of the grass, and the crew rode them to the temple as the wolves once again used a hyperspace travel-like means to reach it. Afterwards, Ezra used the stone given to him as a key to unlock the mural of the Mortis gods on the temple's wall. Once he did so, painted loth-wolves flanking the mural suddenly came to life and started howling and walking to the right. The painted wolves then ran in a circle, forming a portal to the World Between Worlds.[14]

Inside the World Between Worlds, Ezra passed by a constellation-like depiction of a loth-wolf in the sky. After Ezra returned from the world and closed the temple, the painted wolves stopped forming the portal and ran towards the portrait of the Father as the temple collapsed. After this incident, Ezra finally came to terms with Kanan's death; as he did so, he saw the white wolf in the distance, which looked at him and then departed.[11]

Liberation of Lothal[]

"Hey, Wolffe. Can you believe it?"
"The wolves! You got your Wolfpack back!"
"Yeah. They fight just like the boys."
―Gregor and Wolffe during the Battle for Lothal — (audio) Listen (file info)[15]
Loth-wolf chew toy AFH

A pair of Loth-wolves grab hold of a stormtrooper.

Several Loth-wolves aided Ezra in capturing Pryce by luring Rukh and several stormtroopers into the cave. The wolves' ferocity easily overpowered the Imperial soldiers. Pryce was captured by the white Loth-wolf, who had tossed Rukh off the base. The clones Wolffe and Gregor commenting on how they fought "like the boys" back in the Clone Wars, referring to the 104th Battalion "Wolfpack" that Wolffe had commanded. Killing most of the stormtroopers, the wolves focused on the surviving stormtroopers, who were intimidated and quickly surrendered to the rebels.[15]

Rukh, who survived the fall, overpowered Wolffe, Mart Mattin, and Cikatro Vizago and prepared to kill them. However, the white-Loth wolf appeared, and Rukh barely managed to escape it by boarding a TIE gunfighter. The Loth-wolf growled as Rukh fled the scene, though it stayed to ensure the three rebels' safety before leaving. This allowed the three rebels to assist Ezra's plan to liberate Lothal by summoning a pod of purrgil to attack Grand Admiral Thrawn's blockade above Lothal.[16]


With the Imperial presence gone on Lothal, several Loth-wolves could be seen running in the open plains.[16]

Behind the scenes[]

In an interview at a FanExpo panel, Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni compared the loth-wolf with the Bendu, neither good nor bad in terms of the Force. He included the wolf because of his love of the creature, but also because of the cultural perception of wolves as guides. He further stated that the loth-wolf is a natural element of the Force on Lothal.[17]

In Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy, Beck Ollet states to Zare Leonis that prior to the time of the Galactic Empire, one would still carry a blaster to ward off loth-wolves when planting the orchards for jogan fruit.[7] Author Jason Fry stated that Ollet was most likely talking about the time of his parents or grandparents, but liked the line to give Lothal history.[18] This information, however, would seem contradictory to the idea that loth-wolves had not been seen in 100 years and were considered extinct, as certainly by the time of Ollet's parents even the most wary farmer would be unlikely to carry a blaster to ward off a predator which had been for so long believed extinct. It is likely, however, that Fry wrote the line before the exact details of the last appearance of loth-wolves on Lothal was determined. It may also be that Ollet's grandparents encountered loth-wolves as teenagers or young adults since an 100 years average lifespan would not be out of the question for humans in the Star Wars universe.


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Notes and references[]

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