"…do we really need a constant reminder of a less prosperous era? I think not."
―Alton Kastle[src]

The Lothal City Capitol Building, also known as the Republic Senate Building or Lothal Senate Building, was a government building in Capital City on the planet Lothal that was built during the time of the Galactic Republic. Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, it was abandoned in favor of the new Imperial Complex and became known as the Old Republic Senate Building. However, it remained standing despite the new government's intention to raze it. The building came alive once more following the fifteenth anniversary of the Empire, as the meeting site between the the rebel crew of the Ghost and Senator Gall Trayvis.


A distinct landmark of Capital City,[2] the Lothal City Capitol Building,[4] also known as the Republic Senate Building[5] or Lothal Senate Building,[3] was shaped like a round box crowned by a towering spire.[6] Like most other buildings in the city,[7] its outer walls were predominantly white. Several starship landing pads sprouting from the base of the tower led to hallways hooking up with the senate chamber inside the building. The Chamber itself contained a podium with a speakers' stand, facing two aisles made of three rows of seatings.[6] On the back wall behind the podium was "New Freedom," a striking mural that contributed to the building's fame.[2] The Senate Building was directly linked to the sewers of Capital City.[6] Statues stood outside the capitol building that supposedly personifyed freedom, perseverance, or the pioneer spirit.[5]


During the time of the Galactic Republic, the Lothal City Capitol Building of Capital City housed the governing body of Lothal. It was abandoned when the Galactic Empire replaced the Republic and built the Imperial Complex to be the new seat of power on the planet, becoming known as the Old Republic Senate Building.[2] Even after its fall into disuse, many citizens considered the Senate Building a valuable landmark. In 3272 LY, Imperial inspectors reported that the Senate site attracted criminal activity, and discussion arose as to whether the building should be razed. The HoloNet News anchorman and Imperial propagandist Alton Kastle argued that the Senate Building should indeed be destroyed, as it harkened back to "less prosperous" times when the Empire was not in charge.[1]

Shortly after the fifteenth anniversary of the Imperial regime, the Senate Building was used to house a trap set for the rebel crew of the Ghost. Gall Trayvis, a former Senator who posed as an Imperial dissident to trick rebel forces across the galaxy, sent a transmission stating he would meet the crew in the Senate Building. When they arrived, they were confronted by Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau as well as a squadron of stormtroopers. The trap failed, however, as the rebels were able to escape.[6]



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