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The Lothal Key Stone was a stone artifact that on one side, depicted a triangle with four hands inside with one closed, one closed with a pointing finger, one firm and open, and another relaxed and open. The key stone also depicted the five Force Priestesses, the Force wielders, and the Lothal Jedi Temple on the borders of the triangle. On the other side, intricate markings of three smaller triangles, intersected by three semi-circles were depicted. Inside those smaller triangles, were even smaller circles, with lines protruding from them.[2]

The Lothal Key Stone was examined by Minister Veris Hydan, an advisor of Emperor Palpatine that was tasked with unlocking the secrets of the Lothal Jedi Temple, specifically, on how to enter the World Between Worlds, a mystical plane that existed outside of time and space. When Sabine Wren was captured during an incursion, Minister Hydan turned on various holographic images of items he discovered in the Jedi Archives, one of which was the Lothal Key Stone.[1]

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