The Lothal cliff dwelling[3] was located in the southern hemisphere of the planet Lothal. It served as a base for the Lothal resistance and the Spectres during the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire in 1 BBY. The cliff dwelling was also the site of a skirmish between the rebels and Imperial Governor Arihnda Pryce's forces prior to the Liberation of Lothal.


The Lothal cliff dwelling was located in the southern hemisphere of the planet Lothal.[1] The dwelling consisted of a network of caves that appeared to have been built by the ancient people of the planet, and contained cave paintings depicting people and Loth-wolves. The people in the paintings were shown descending from space, and appeared to be Jedi.[1]


In 1 BBY, the rebels Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, Kanan Jarrus and Ryder Azadi were brought there from a cave in the northern hemisphere by three wolves while fleeing an Imperial assassin. The structure reminded Ezra Bridger and Jarrus, both Jedi, of the Lothal Jedi Temple.[1] After the discovery, the Lothal resistance decided to use the dwelling as a base.[2]

Following General Hera Syndulla's failed attack on the Imperial Armory Complex, the Spectres and Lothal resistance retreated to the base. The Spectres under the leadership of Ezra assembled three Loth-bat gliders, which they used to infiltrate the Imperial Complex in Capital City.[4] Following the death of Kanan, Hera mourned for her lover insider the caves of the cliff dwelling. Ryder, Mart Mattin, and Jai Kell also listened to a propaganda broadcast by Alton Kastle claiming that the rebellion on Lothal was a lost cause. However, Sabine and Garazeb Orrelios subsequently discovered that the destruction of the Lothal City fuel depot had damaged the Imperial Armory Complex.[5]

After discussing their plans, the Spectres departed from the cliff dwelling on a mission to save the Lothal Jedi Temple.[6] The Lothal cliff dwelling was later the site of a skirmish between the Lothal rebels and Governor Arihnda Pryce's forces. However, this was a ruse by Ezra and Ryder to lure Governor Pryce into a trap as part of their plan to expel the Galactic Empire from Capital City. Despite significant casualties, Pryce's forces were defeated with the help of Hera's reinforcements and a pack of loth-wolves. As a result, the rebels managed to capture Pryce and several stormtroopers.[7]

Following Pryce's capture, the rebels departed on two captured patrol transports to infiltrate the Imperial Complex in Capital City. The Noghri assassin Rukh stole a third patrol transport and managed to alert Grand Admiral Thrawn about the rebels' plans to seize the Imperial Complex. In response, Wolffe, Mart, and Cikatro Vizago departed on the Ghost on a secret mission to contact a pod of purrgil as part of Ezra's back-up plan.[8]

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The Lothal cliff dwelling first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels Season Four episode "Kindred", which premiered on November 6, 2017. It was first identified as the "cliff dwelling" in the episode's Behind the Scenes gallery on the official Star Wars website[3] The cliff dwelling also appeared in several Season Four episodes including the season finale "Family Reunion – and Farewell", which premiered on March 5, 2018.



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