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"And what of Admiral Konstantine and his fleet?"
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, to Governor Pryce[src]

Admiral Kassius Konstantine was in command of a fleet in the Imperial Navy, that served as the sector fleet of the Lothal sector. The fleet was unsuccessful in its efforts to combat local insurgent groups like the Spectres and later, the Phoenix Cell, necessitating its reinforcement by the Seventh Fleet of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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"The entire Imperial sector fleet has the planet in a blockade."
Hera Syndulla, on the fleet's Lothal blockade[src]

Part of the fleet encircles Lothal.

The sector fleet of the Lothal sector was under the command of Admiral Kassius Konstantine.[2] Effectively a small anti-smuggling task force,[1] it consisted of at least six Imperial I-class Star Destroyers,[2] including the fleet's flagship, the Relentless.[4] Additionally, it also utilized at least two Arquitens-class command cruisers,[6] and worked in concert with Delta Squadron.[5]

During the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, Konstantine's fleet was charged with eliminating rebel activities around the planet Lothal.[1] In these efforts, it worked in conjunction with the Inquisitorius, as certain local rebels were believed to be Force-sensitive.[3] In 2 BBY,[7] the governor of the Lothal sector, Arihnda Pryce, grew frustrated with the lack of progress against a group of insurgents in her sector and so requested the assistance of the Seventh Fleet led by Grand Admiral Thrawn to deal with the rebels instead. After Thrawn became involved in the campaign against the rebels, Konstantine tentatively served under Thrawn.[8]

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