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"My job is to represent Lothal's interests on Coruscant. That includes citizens visiting or temporarily working there. It turns out that there's a decent-sized contingent of such displaced citizens working in the Coruscant mines."
―Senator Renking, to Arihnda Pryce[1]

A citizen assistance office was located on the Core Worlds planet of Coruscant and was owned by Imperial Senator Domus Renking of the Outer Rim world of Lothal. The office was near the apartments of five hundred Lothalites living on Coruscant and assisted the citizens with their complaints and needs, such as finding housing, general orientation, and navigation of the Coruscanti bureaucracy.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Arihnda Pryce served as an overseer for the office. Pryce consistently assisted the Lothalites until she was promoted to a new office in the Bartanish Four Sector. The office where Pryce was previously stationed was reopened a week later with a new overseer.


"The Lothal contingent is always a flux, so I have an assistance office in the area to help them with housing and general orientation, as well as guiding them through the Coruscant bureaucratic maze."
―Senator Domus Renking, to Arihnda Pryce[1]

A citizen assistance office was located among the sprawling cityscape of the Core Worlds planet Coruscant. The office was near the apartments of about five hundred Lothalites—citizens from the Outer Rim planet Lothal—many of whom worked in the Coruscant mines.[1]

It was further away from the Federal District than the citizen assistance office in the Bartanish Four Sector. The assistance for Lothalites included help finding housing and becoming familiarized with Coruscant and its bureaucracy. The office's staff also tended to the needs and complaints of the nearby Lothalites, such as leaky pipes. When a complaint was filed by a tenant, the office overseer attempted to contact the building owners and encourage them to fix the issue.[1]


"How many people are we talking about?"
"About five hundred at the moment."
―Arihnda Pryce and Senator Domus Renking discuss the number of Lothalites assisted by the office[1]

The office was owned by Senator Domus Renking.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the office was one of multiple citizen assistance offices on Coruscant that were owned and operated by Imperial Senator Domus Renking of Lothal. It assisted Lothalites, with the number of individuals helped eventually reaching around five hundred.[1]

On Lothal, Governor Ryder Azadi charged and detained Elainye Pryce in an attempt to acquire the Pryce family's mine, in which a valuable doonium deposit had been discovered. Elainye's daughter, Arihnda Pryce, approached Senator Renking. The latter agreed to have the charges dropped, but in return, the valuable mine was signed over to the Empire. Renking expected that Pryce would want something in return for letting the doonium go and asked her what that something was. Pryce asked for a job on Coruscant as an assistant, and the senator offered her an opening in the citizen assistance office. Renking told Pryce that she would be representing the interests of Lothal citizens on Coruscant, and she accepted the position and moved to Coruscant to begin working in the office.[1]

While running the office, Pryce received and acted on citizens' complaints. One of the citizens, Daisie, complained to the office about a leaky pipe. When the building's faculty ignored the pipe, Pryce confronted the landlady, Chesna Braker. While Braker was upset, she agreed to have the pipe fixed. Meanwhile, a government program encouraged senators to open new citizen assistance offices. Renking thus opened a new supplementary citizen assistance office in the nearby Bartanish Four Sector, which was open to not only Lothalites, but all citizens. In return for Pryce's good performance, Renking offered her a job as overseer of the new office, which Pryce accepted. Pryce's former office was then reopened in the following week with a new overseer.[1]

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The office was first mentioned in Timothy Zahn's novel Thrawn, which was published in 2017 as the first installment in the Star Wars: Thrawn trilogy.[1]


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