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Lothar was an Assassin-class corvette (or a similarly modified corvette) and one of several vessels used by clan leader Tamaron's Airam to deliver supplies to the Rebel Alliance in the Kuras Drift. Unlike the other Airam ships, it carried fuel instead of warheads.

The cargo transfer operation came under attack by rival Airam clan leader Ilay and the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Wasp. The Lothar arrived with the Wasp in hot pursuit. Unfortunately the X-wings were only able to identify its cargo before it succumbed to the Wasp's turbolaser batteries.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Although the fate of the Lothar has no impact on the mission in the game, it is technically impossible to successfully complete the mission before the Wasp destroys the Lothar. The corvette's destruction is thus considered canonical.


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